Title: Scientology by the back door (1st-hand account)
plmlp@mail.bris.ac.uk (Martin Poulter)
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 12:45:45 GMT

Forwarded from an anonymous correspondent:

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 21:28:38 -0800
To: M.L.Poulter@bris.ac.uk

I started a job with a Chiropractors office about a month ago.  At one
of our staff meetings the tone scale was displayed and discussed.  I
found it odd, but being new everything seemed odd so I didn't question
it.  Though it kept nagging on me.

I kept hearing phrases like "cycles of completion" and "levels of
confront".  Then one day we were told to do some role playing.  Since I
was hired as the insurance biller, I thought it would be appropriate to
role play my communications with insurance companies or with patients
who had questions.  Every office likes to communicate things
differently-so I remained open minded.  The role playing turned out to
go something like this:  This could be used in any social situation:

Me: "How are you today Ms. Jones."

Ms. Jones:  "Oh, I'm OKAY but I didn't sleep very well last night."

Me: "THAT'S NOT GOOD!  Did you know that insomnia is one of the seven
signs of stress!"

I was then supposed to go into a Sales Pitch for this Chiropractor's

I was beginning to feel insulted at this point, but hey it was job which
paid my bills, so I went along with the role playing knowing all along
that I would never use any of it.

I found out that the tone scale was from Scientology, and that all of
our management materials came out of a book with L. Ron Hubbards name on

After a few more events which felt demeaning and controlling, I began
some research into Scientology.  When I discovered what it truly is - I
quit on the spot!

The doctor and his wife then put me through an interrogation that was
brutal to say the least.  They accused me of being a liar.  They said
they had no connection to Scientology what-so-ever, and accused me of
breaking up their marriage if I quit.  To this ridiculous comment I
suggested a good marriage counselor, and walked away - forever.

Has anyone else experienced Scientology through the back door like
this?  I am very interested in learning more about why Scientology
targets the medical profession through consulting firms, etc...

[I've collected some information on Scn's infiltration of businesses at
	http://www.demon.co.uk/castle/fronts/wise.html  -MLP]

I am also interested in their mind controlling techniques since I feel
they tried to make me a victim of it. Thank you for the web page, I
have learned so much from it.

I don't feel comfortable signing my name so please know me as

MARTIN L: Postgrad., amateur crackpotologist and caffeine-free celibate bon M
POULTER : viveur studying the Philosophy of Belief at Bristol Uni., England c
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