Chanting in Scientology

From: Warrior
Subject: Chanting at ASHO
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 1999/08/19

In article <>, Tommy says...
>Jeez, you guys - stop it.
>You're creeping me out. This disturbs me profoundly.

"Dianetics can handle that"; and
"the way out is the way through".

>This is not only the very anthesis of communication, but could
>lead to a mild hypnotic state.

Why else do you think Hubbard adopted chanting and renamed it
"Chinese school"? I am quite certain he realized this "tech"
was a highly effective method of programming a mind.

>Ever repeat (or hear repeated) a word of phrase to the point that it
>suddenly loses its meaning and becomes nonsense sounds? This is the
>point one crosses over into hypnosis.

You should see the zombie-like stares and fixed eyes of Sea Org
members as they are being indoctrinated using "Chinese school tech".
I was there. I was one of the deluded slaves being exploited.

Have you ever heard 80 or more Sea Org members chanting in unison?

I can recall it vividly now, over two decades later. I'm closing my

In my mind I'm in the reception area of ASHO by the elevators
across from the regges offices, and I'm standing there with
80 other Sea Org members. I can still picture the expressions
on their faces and the empty looks in their eyes even though
it's 23 years later.

(Warrior closes his eyes and goes to the beginning of the engram...)

(The incident begins to get more solid...)

In front of, and facing the group, I see the Commanding Officer
Irene Dirmann leading the chant...

She taps the org board with her pointer touching HCO Division I,
Department One, the "elite group" begins chanting on cue...

"recognition, communication, perception,
orientation, understanding, enlightenment,
energy, adjustment, body,
prediction, activity, production,
validity, enhancement, correction,
purposes, realization, clearing,
conditions, existence, SOURCE!!!"

Next, Supercargo Alan Prager leads the crew...

"We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!
We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!
We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!
We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!
We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!
We are going up, while the world is going DOWN!

Then Jack Dirmann begins the closing salute to the Commodore
and Founder, L Ron Hubbard -- Source, saying, "Let's thank Ron":

Hip Hip Hooray!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!" ...

They are all chanting in unison, in a "Tone 40" voice...

...There's Eddie Hansen, Jack Dirmann, Bill Skrifvars, Beverly Mustard,
Kenny Shapiro, Frank Benjamin, Jim Williams, Annie Murphy, Ruthie
Weissberg, Charlotte Allen, Naomi Inzel, Don Saito, Steve Thompson,
Jim Chapman, Allen Grondin, Norm Novitsky, Anne Pfanner, David Aldrich,
John Bostrum, Billy Strasser, Alan Prager, Kathy Drayton, Leslie Thompson,
Mark Przybylski, Craig Sargeant, Mike Grau, David Pyatt, Bob Azevedo,
Patty Grant, Phil Inzel, Dawn Granger, Paul Koval, Parran Dabney,
Barbara Rubio, Cindy Konieczy, Elyse Aronson, Dan Rutherford, Sue
Richeson, Bruce Richeson, Mimi Spickler, Ron Smith, Terry Smith, Bob
Azevedo, David Aldrich, Norma Stipe, Tony Cifarelli, Patti Cifarelli,
Jim Cox, Tim Allen, Dean Donier, Laura Williams, Ron Skinner...

<clap! clap! clap!>

>Fascinating accounts though - like watching a train wreck through three
>inches of glass.

Is it crystal clear, frosted, etched, bubbled, or glazed glass?

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects