Title: Cult Coalition at Frankfurt Anti-Climax
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 02:03:44 GMT

Cult Coalition Hoax

Remember the cult coalition Scientology said they established after
their big freedom march in Germany last month? The story is at

One of our faithful German readers, Tom Gandow, wondered who
these people were that were making a coalition with Scientology.
He wrote to the Central Council of Moslems in Germany to find
out about the Moslems, and to the Central Council of Jews in
Germany to find out who the "Central Community of Orthodox
Jews" was. He published the answers he got back:


The Central Council of Moslems in Germany wrote back on the
matter. The letter had a date of September 2, 1998.

Re: "Interreligious Coalition for Religious Freedom"
Your letter of August 26, 1998

Dear Mr. Gandow,

I thank you for the above mentioned inquiry and have the following
to share with you:

The participation of Mr. Mohammed Herzog in the demonstration
in Frankfurt, his signature of the open letter and the establishment
of a "Interreligious Coalition for Religious Freedom" with
Scientology occurred with neither the knowledge nor the consent
of the Central Council of Moslems in Germany (ZMD).

Such a connection with Scientology would not have the support of
the ZMD and is in outright opposition to its principles and

We are of the opinion that contact with this organization, which is
under observation for constitutionally hostile activities and the
application of humanly despicable methods in the acquiring and
keeping of its members, adulterates the face of Islam, strengthens
the prejudice against its own teachings and puts the ZMD into
proximity with categories which are hostile to the state and to the

That does not serve the interest of Islam or of the Moslems in
Germany and is contrary to the preamble of our charter.

Neither the connection with Scientology nor the membership in a
interreligious coalition with it is compatible with membership in the

The ZMD therefore has asked its member organization, the
"Islamic Community of German-speaking Moslems & Friends of
Islam Berlin" for a public explanation for and withdrawal from this
"Interreligious Coalition for Religious Freedom."

Continuing membership of the "Islamic Community" in the ZMD is
contingent upon the outcome of these steps.

Cordially yours,

Dr. Nadeem Elyas


Here is the second letter to Thomas Gandow / Dialog Zentrum
Berlin DZB/DCI:

SO = Scientology Organization

Here is a little bit of news about the cult coalition called together by
the SO in Frankfurt. The representative of the "Central Community
of Orthodox Jews" is apparently a one man business. The SO
deals with such controversial figures out of convenience.

In a communication from the President of the Central Council of
Jews in Germany dated September 14, 1998, the following was
stated about the SO coalition signatory, Eli Gampel, Central
Community of Orthodox Jews:


There is no such community, in any case it consists of Mr. Eli
Gampel, who temporarily - by an improper election - was
"elected" as the chairman of the Jewish Community Hall. Since
then, Mr. Gampel has been replaced, and has been charged with
various counts of fraud by the Jewish Community as well as by
private complainants.

Mr. Gampel has already given sworn testimony several times.

I do not need to emphasize that the Central Council of Jews in
Germany does not want anything to do with Scientology and does
not view it as a religion at all.


Ignatz Bubis


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