Title: Stacy's family gets harassed
stacy8@gte.net (Stacy Brooks Young)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:59:22 GMT

Two of my sisters, the ones who live in Atlanta, Georgia, and Duluth, Minnesota,
have been picketed by Scientology in the last week. Both of my sisters are
sending me the fliers that were handed out. My sister in Duluth told me that the
flier they were trying to hand out in her neighborhood said something like,
"Please tell Stacy to tell Bob Minton that he should stop spending his money to
hurt the Church of Scientology." 

My sister in Duluth thought it was hilarious that Scientology would picket in
her neighborhood, considering the fact that it is a staunch Lutheran community
which wants nothing to do with a cult like Scientology. My sister said the
picketers couldn’t get a single person to take one of their fliers. The only
person who did take one was my sister, who asked for one so she could send it to

My sister in Atlanta didn’t even tell me her neighborhood had been picketed
until almost a week after it happened. She figured that was exactly what
Scientology wanted her to do -- call me and tell me about it just to upset me,
and she didn’t want to do that. But when she heard about the picket in Duluth,
she decided to let me know about the picket in Atlanta. 

My sister lives in the Ansley Park section of Atlanta with her husband and their
little boy. She told me that when her husband saw them picketing he went out and
told the picketers it was stupid of them to harass him, since he hasn’t done
anything to the Church of Scientology and all they’re doing is creating a new
enemy for themselves. Furthermore, he told them, he has no influence whatsoever
over what his sister-in-law does, so they’re wasting their time trying to get to
me through him and my sister. My sister was embarrassed to have to tell me that
she slept through the entire incident, but she was very proud of the way her
husband dealt with the situation. He got the number of the DSA, Diane Stein,
from one of the picketers, and called her. Apparently they had quite a long
conversation. He told her picketing is just not the kind of thing she should
have her people doing in Atlanta, especially not in Ansley Park. Maybe in
California, he said, but definitely not in Atlanta. He gave her some tips about
courtesy and acceptable behavior, but I’m afraid she didn’t learn much from his
conversation, because yesterday she called my mother in Atlanta -- but I’ll get
to that in a minute. 

First I want to tell the story about my mother’s dog Woozel. 

My mother called me a week ago to tell me that at about 11:00 the night before,
her dog Woozel suddenly started barking frantically and ran downstairs to the
front door. Woozel is a rough-coat Jack Russell Terrier. For those of you who
don’t know about Jack Russells, they are not very large but they can be
extremely ferocious, to say the least. It was obvious from Woozel’s reaction
that someone was at the door, so my mother went down to find out what was going
on. When she got downstairs she found Woozel snapping furiously at the mail slot
in the front door, as though someone were right outside. She quickly peeked out
the window and saw what she described as a very overweight woman, obviously
frightened of Woozel’s snarling, doing her best to scurry away from the door. At
the same time Mother saw that the woman had pushed a fat envelope through the
mail slot. 

I haven’t read the letter yet; my mother has mailed it to me and I hope to
receive it by tomorrow so that I can post the text on a.r.s. My mother was
furious when she read it and disgusted that Scientology engages in this kind of
harassment and intmidation while hypocritically calling itself a "church." She
was so angry, in fact, that she opened the front door and said, "Go get her,
Woozel!" whereupon Woozel took off running after this poor, misguided
Scientology operative. Had he caught up with her this woman would be minus at
least a leg. It isn’t often that my mother gives Woozel carte blanche to pursue
his most basic instinct, which is to tear apart his prey in the most vicious,
merciless way imaginable, and once he starts there is absolutely no way to make
him stop. Fortunately for this woman, she was able to get into her car and speed
away, tires squealing, in time to escape this grisly fate in the jaws of my
mother’s dog Woozel.  

Tuesday night my mother called me and as soon as I answered the phone, she said,
"Just a minute, Stacy. I have Diane Stein on the phone and I’m trying to turn
this into a conference call so you can hear what she’s saying to me about you."
So now the DSA Atlanta is calling my mother directly to try to get to me. I
couldn’t believe it and I told my mother so. "Well," she said, "I doubt she’ll
call me again because I don’t  think I reacted the way she wanted me to." 

When the three of us got on the phone together the first thing that happened was
my mother lit into Diane for the things she was trying to say about me, Vaughn
and Bob Minton. She said she knew what Diane was trying to do and said she
thought it was only fair that Diane give her the phone number of her parents so
she could call them the way Diane was calling mine. Mother said she thought
Diane’s parents ought to know what kind of organizaion their daughter is
involved in. Diane refused, of course, saying her father was dying, to which my
mother replied, "Well, how do you know I’m not about to die, too? Why do you get
to call me but I can’t call your parents?" My mother was really great. She loves
Vaughn and won’t tolerate Scentology saying anything against him, and she has
also met Bob and really likes him, so she wouldn’t let Diane get a word in
edgewise about any of us. I had already told Mother all about Bob being
assaulted in Boston and how Scientology managed to get him arrested, when in
fact Bob was the one who was surrounded, threatened and assaulted, and all he
did was try to defend himself. So Mother patiently explained all of this to
Diane. Diane, of course, refused to believe a word of it, but Mother and I both
tried our best to get through to her. 

At the end of our conversation I told Diane I was glad to have had a chance to
talk to her to correct the lies she’s being fed by Rinder et al. I urged her to
get on the internet and read the truth about Scientology, and I told her if she
ever wants to know what Scientology is really all about, she is welcome to call
me any time. 

Jesse’s spoken to his family and apparently they’re being harassed by
Scientology, and Bob just heard yesterday that his former partner in London is
being picketed for the past several days. When I got to one of the Boston area’s
ARSCC underground hideouts last night, I called Jesse, who is keeping an eye on
the cat sanctuary on Vashon (the cats are doing great, by the way; I’ll be
posting photos of our six-week-old kittens tonight) while I’m gone. He said four
Scientologists picketed the sanctuary all afternoon yesterday, trying to pass
out fliers about Bob and me but unable to find any takers. Jesse said he went
out and spoke to them for quite a while and they were apparently very interested
in what he had to say about his experiences in Scientology. 

More ominously, despite normal precautions, someone has recently accessed
information about my bank accounts.

But all this flurry of activity tells me we must be doing something right, eh? 

Bob and I will be in Toronto on Saturday to join in the regular Saturday picket
of the Toronto org. Anybody who can make it up there is cordially invited to
help. I assure you, the Toronto police will be out in force to protect Gregg,
AndroidCat, Bob, me and the rest of us from Scientology’s usual criminal
behavior in Canada.

You just don’t get it, do you, Scientology? You can’t stop us. 

Stacy Brooks Young
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