Title: A Letter from the CAN Files #1
jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)
Date: 29 Sep 1998 16:32:50 GMT

In my recent post ' CAN  Files Alert Update' I stated that I would post some
examples of letters from the CAN Files.  First I would like to report that we
are still locked out from our own Files...the CAN Files.  Second,  I would like
to thank, publicly, everyone who has responded by email.  Things are starting
to roll.  Also, I  have been contacted by a media person in the Detroit area
who wants to contact  former scientologists in that area who is willing to be
interviewed.  Contact me be email on this.

I have reported that the scientology cult is trying to seize the CAN Files
which were returned by the US Bankruptcy Court to the CAN Board.  They are in a
warehouse in the Chicago area.  Just recently contributors came up with funds
to initiate a project to copy and preserve the CAN Files.  Scientology served
the warehouse owners with some legal mumbo jumbo about a 3rd party writ and
scared them into locking out the CAN staff and supporters involved in the
preservation project.  You might ask, how did the Church of Scientology know
about this project?  Well, they are spending a lot of tax-exempt money to spy
on and harass staff members and supporters of the original CAN.

I said in the CAN Files Alert Update that I would post some examples of letters
from the CAN Files.  In the Confidential CAN Files are many letters from people
 who wrote to CAN and related very personal cult experiences and information. 
These people asked for and were assured of confidentiality.  That
confidentiality is about to be breached if the Church of Scientology is able to
seize the CAN Files on Oct. 21.  Those of us who worked for or were associated 
with CAN have no way of letting people know about this.  We hope to get some
media exposure on this so that people around the country and beyond who had
written CAN will find out what may happen to the confidential CAN Files and
their letters.

Here is an example of a letter written to CAN.  This is a young man who had
called CAN and I had talked with.  He was lured into he scientology cult via
Dianetics Ads. Sound familiar?  He didn't know that Dianetics was Scientology
until he was in the cult and had been brainwashed into signing the 'Billion
Year Contract'. He also didn't know until he got into this cult of
scientology's hate and prejudice against homosexuals.  I do not have a scanner
and I am typing in his letter without name and address.  Along with his letter
to CAN was a newspaper article about his experience in scientology.  His name
was not used in the article.

Cult Awareness Network
2421 W. Pratt Blvd. Suite 1173
Chicago, Il. 60645
Attn. Jim                                                                      
  Oct. 4, 1995

Dear Jim:

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. Enclosed are retyped copies of
the article that appeared in the Times Georgian on July 26, 1987 (if you need 
photocopies, I can send those, too).

To most people who have spent years in Scientology, these articles may not seem
like a big deal since I only spent a month in the Sea Org.  But you would be 
surprised how much damage that one month did  to me.  As I told you, and as the
article states, I dropped out of high school two months before my graduation. 
That was followed by extreme depression and ultimately time in a mental
hospital ( 6 months). I still suffer from extreme depression to this day.  

One thing that the article doesn't make clear is that I was not aware of
Scientology before going to Florida.  I was only aware of Dianetics.  I was so
into it that I didn't hesitate to sign the million year contract.  Little did I
know what I was getting into. I also didn't know that my being a homosexual
male would be a no-no in their organization.

If you would like to refer any of your concerned callers to me,  I would be
happy to talk with them.  I would appreciate contact from you personally before
any are  forewarded  to me.  If you would like to talk more,  please feel free
to contact me at the number above.  I may actually need your help,  too.  I'm
very happy I contacted you.

Talk to you very soon.

Name and address withheld.       

posted by Jim Beebe