Title: Letter to Senator D'Amato's staff.
elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 03:45:20 -0500

RE: The good Senator's Politcal Vulnerability:

I know this will be received and read by a member of the good Senator's

Your boss is out on a limb and busily sawing it off, IMHO.

Now I am a Canadian, an outsider to your political system,
however our two countries *do* share a common affliction:
The so called 'Church' of Scientology.

My country has seen fit, in the highest court, to criminally
convict the *entire* Church of Scientology for criminal
breach of trust and to impose fines for these criminal acts.

The same anti-social policies of the Co$ which gained it
notoriety in the Snow White case years ago in the US and
in Canada, are in place in the Church today.

This is becoming increasingly obvious internationally.

The Co$ has a maverick and outlaw type attitude in too many
jurisdictions Internationally to be an organisation that a US Senator
would be wise to 'get into bed with'.

It is likely, even now, that in the next election the good Senator
will be referred to by his opponent as "That Scientology Senator,
you know, Scientology, that Cult of Greed and Power that
teaches, secretly: There is no God or Christ because all religions
are the evil concotion of the Galactic Overlord XENU!" 

You are on the Senators staff and may have participated in his last
campaign. If the good Senators opponent in any election were
to be seen cozening up to an internally Totalitarian Cult, with 
pretensions of world domination, one that attempts to suppress
free speech and is covertly anti-Christian and anti- religion, 
don't you think you could have a political free-for-all and
*bury* the other side with that  connection? Which is *exactly*
what is likely to happen to the good Senator, if he doesn't 
address, publicly and *loudly* the abuses of the Church of
Scientology and its constant assaults on the dignity and 
freedoms of your great nation, its Judicial System, its citizens
and its own members.

Below is attached another important posting to the Usenet
Group: alt.religion.scientology.

This forum of free speech has been repeatedly attacked by
the Co$ and indeed one of the Co$ lawyers, one Helena Kobrin
illegally tried to cancel this forum *worldwide*!

Do you think, as a staff member of the good Senator, that 
he should perhaps, ahh, *distance* himself from a group
that was described by a respected members of the  Judiciary
 of democracies worldwide as follows:?


Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia

"Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice 
is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and 
socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally 
ill...  (Scientology is) the world's largest organization of 
unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques 
which masquerade as mental therapy."

Kenneth Robinson, [when] British Minister of Health

"The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful.  
It alienates members of families from each other and attributes 
squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian 
principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality 
and well being of those so deluded as to become followers; above 
all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those 
who submit to them... There is no power under existing law to 
prohibit the practice of scientology; but the government has 
concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right 
to take all steps within its power to curb its growth."

       U.S. federal prosecutor's memorandum to the judge urging 
stiff jail sentences for 9 top leaders of Scientology who had 
pleaded guilty to criminal charges

"The crime committed by these defendants is of a breath and 
scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk, or file 
was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization 
was free from their despicable conspiratorial minds. The tools 
of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret 
codes, forged credentials and any other device they found necessary 
to carry out their conspiratorial schemes."

 [now] Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court of London

"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious... it is 
corrupt sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is 
based on lies and deceit and has its real objective money and 
power for Mr.  Hubbard... It is sinister because it indulges 
in infamous practices both to its adherents who do not toe the 
line unquestionly and to those who criticize it or oppose it. 
It is dangerous because it is out to capture people and to indoctrinate 
and brainwash them so they become the unquestioning captives 
and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living, 
and relationships with others."

       Judge Breckenridge, Los Angeles Superior Court

"[the court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] 
is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum 
amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories...  
and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not 
wish to continue with their sect....  The organization clearly 
is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination 
seems to be a reflection of its founder, L.Ron Hubbard."

       Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge, June 
1984, in the Gerry Armstrong case

"In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil
rights, the organization over the years with its "fair game"
doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the
church whom it perceives as enemies."

       California appellate court, 2nd. district, 3rd. division, 
July 29, 1991, B025920 & B038975, Super. Ct. No. C 420153

"In January 1980, fearing a raid by law enforcement agencies, 
Hubbard's representatives ordered the shredding of all documents 
showing that Hubbard controlled Scientology organizations, finances, 
personnel, or the property at Gilman Hot Springs. In a two week 
period, approximately one million pages were shredded pursuant 
to this order."

       California appellate court, 2nd district, 7th division, 
Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California, Civ. No. 
B023193 Cal. Super. (1986)

"Other testimony established Scientology is a hierarchal organization 
which exhibits near paranoid attitudes toward certain institutions 
and individuals---in particular the government, mental health 
professions, disaffected members, and others who criticize the 
organization or its leadership...  During trial, Wollersheim's 
experts testified Scientology's "auditing" and "disconnect" 
practices constituted "brainwashing" and "thought reform" akin 
to what the Chinese and North Koreans practiced on American 
prisoners of war."

"A religious practice which takes place in the context of this 
level of coercion has less religious value than one the recipient 
engages in voluntarily.  Even more significantly, it poses a 
greater threat to society to have coerced religious practices 
inflicted on its citizens."

I think, as a staffer, you should 'clue' in the Senator so that
he can reverse direction and go on the offensive.
Scientology is trying to 'coattail' on the legitimate
grievances of religious minorities and it is using 
Travolta and other celebrities it has duped to make
the Senator a dupe also.

Hear is what Deanna Holmes a frequent and repected contributor
to alt.religion.scientology, recently posted:

>It amazes me that time would be given to John Travolta, Chick Corea, and
>Isaac Hayes to whine about how their fellow Scientologists are being
>abused and discriminated against in Germany. I don't expect a
>professional politician like Alfonse D'Amato (with all that implies)  to
>look at the other side of the picture.  However,  I think it's important
>to demonstrate to Travolta, Corea, Cruise and the rest of the out and
>open public Scientologists who carp to the press about how badly they're
>being treated in Europe as well as to the world that they  ought to take
>a look in the mirror.
>Scientology has done worse things to its critics than it has ever accused
>the Germans of having done to it.  A few examples should suffice.
>*Scientology interferes with legal pickets all over the world.
>Keith Henson went out to picket at the Cedars Los Angeles Scientology
>location on Saturday, September 13, 1997.  His picket sign was
>spraypainted by Scientologists, and his flyers were stolen by
>Scientologists.  His story has still to be told, but I'm sure it will be
>a doozy.
>Roland Rashleigh-Berry was assaulted by a Scientologist during a picket
>at London Scientology headquarters earlier this year.  Amazingly enough,
>this physical assault may have led to Rashleigh-Berry receiving a
>requested refund from the London Church of Scientology in record time
>after the assault.
>Gregg Hagglund has picketed the Toronto Church of Scientology on several
>occasions this year.  These pickets have been legal, and have been
>accompanied by the usual permits.  The local Scientologists, led by
>"Reverend" Al Buttnor, have attempted to harass the picketers during
>pickets, as well as follow picketers after pickets.
>A memorial picket was held in front of the Fort Harrison building in
>Clearwater, Florida, in March 1997.  The purpose of that memorial was to
>remember Lisa McPherson, who was held for 17 days in the Fort Harrison
>and was taken out virtually dead.  During the memorial picket, marchers
>held lit candles.  They were surrounded by Scientologists, who made sport
>of blowing out the candles.  These actions were caught on tape by the
>U.S. syndicated program _Inside Edition_ and broadcast all over the
>country.  The Church of Scientology organized the so-called counter
>marchers and did nothing to stop them when they interfered with the
>memorial picket.
>The above are just a *few* of many examples of harassment by Scientology
>of legitimate, legal picketers.  It should be noted that Scientology was
>granted permission to have a march in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this
>year, and approximately 1500 Scientologists came.  They were not harassed
>by the government nor by the people.  The German government granted
>permission for the Scientologists to march in Berlin, through the
>Brandenburg Gate, on Monday, October 27, 1997, and likely there will be
>little or no opposition to same.  If the German government is willing to
>allow Scientologists to protest against their alleged actions in a place
>so redolent of history as the Brandenburg Gate, why won't Scientology
>allow people to picket peacefully in front of Scientology buildings,
>whether it be in Los Angeles or Clearwater or London or Toronto?
>*Scientology spies on people.
>Keith Henson and Grady Ward were tailed by Scientology-hired private
>investigators during their attempt to depose Scientology supreme leader
>David Miscavige earlier this year.  Henson was also tailed by Scientology
>PIs after his September 13, 1997, picket.
>Paulette Cooper, who was the target of a severe harassment campaign in
>the 1970s from the Church of Scientology (with the stated attempt to get
>her to commit suicide) was tailed in London during a visit in 1997 by
>known Scientology operatives, because she met with well-known critics of
>Scientology during her visit.
>Dennis Erlich, a former Scientologist, reported being followed by a
>Scientologist after a meeting in August, 1997.  This Scientologist
>accosted him in a drug store and made rude remarks about Erlich in front
>of the other patrons.
>Scientology private investigators have also spread vicious rumours around
>about Jeff Jacobsen and Rob Clarke.  One private investigator even
>misrepresented himself to Grady Ward's mother so he could get a picture
>of the Ward family.  Other private investigators have gotten ahold of the
>Ward long distance phone records as well as the Ward banking records.
>*Scientology uses the courts to harass and silence people.
>Scientology has compiled a huge legal record.  At present the Church of
>Scientology, in its various forms, is suing the following persons:
>Dennis Erlich
>Grady Ward
>Keith Henson
>numerous Dutch Internet Service Providers as well as some Dutch citizens
>Zenon Panoussis of Sweden
>FACTNet, Arnie Lerma and Lawrence Wollersheim
>Interestingly enough, Scientology (in its alter ego as the Religious
>Technology Center) originally sued Dennis Erlich for violation of trade
>secrets back in February, 1995, and got a warrant to search his residence
>for their trade secrets on that basis at that time.  In the summer of
>1997, 2.5 years later, these trade secret claims on the part of
>Scientology had been dropped, presumably because the spread of the
>documents in question over the Internet had made the "secrets" known to
>more people than had ever actually paid to read them.
>*Scientology uses its scorched-earth litigation tactics to shut people up
>("shudder into silence")
>David Mayo no longer posts to alt.religion.scientology, presumably
>because his court case is settled and he is gagged.  
>Gerry Armstrong, formerly a resident of San Francisco, had to return to
>Canada earlier this year to avoid a citation before a California judge
>for giving an affidavit in Grady Ward's case.  He signed a gag order, but
>he believes it's a violation of his religious rights.  
>Margery Wakefield also signed a gag order and was on a Florida talk radio
>program.  The Church of Scientology threatened to take her to court to
>get a large amount of money from her, due to her violation.  
>Enid Vien, another former Scientologist, settled out of court after a
>bruising--and losing--battle, and she can no longer speak on the subject
>of Scientology.  
>And Paulette Cooper, she had to give up the copyright to _The Scandal of
>Scientology_ to Scientology to get them to leave her alone.
>*Scientology plays games with the U.S. government
>Scientology had infiltrated the FBI and IRS in the mid-1970s, provoking
>raids which discovered Operation Snow White and various other nefarious
>actions on the part of the organization.  A number of high Scientology
>officials, including L. Ron Hubbard's wife Mary Sue, served jail time.
>Hubbard himself avoided prosecution by the simple expedient of
>Papers discovered during raids of Scientology headquarters in Greece
>indicate that Scientologists were told how to approach consular officials
>in order to get papers to come to the United States.
>Earlier this year, the _New York Times_ documented the extremely shady
>activities that the Church of Scientology engaged in during the time when
>it was fighting to get its tax exemption.  Moreover, it should be noted
>that even though a Federal judge has ruled that the rationale for the tax
>exemption should be made public under the Freedom of Information Act, the
>government is *still* fighting with the court over the ifs, the whens and
>the hows of the release of this information.  What kind of a deal did the
>Clinton administration make with Scientology?  Will heads roll when the
>deal comes out, as it most assuredly will, eventually?
>*These lists could go on and on.
>The point of all this is to show that these public Scientologists are
>simple hypocrites.  They decry things that Germany has allegedly done,
>yet when the even more heinous actions of their own Church are pointed
>out to them, they are silent.  
>Travolta, Corea, Hayes:  you are hypocrites.  Stand up and take a bow.
>Deana M. Holmes
>alt.religion.scientology archivist since February 1995
>NEW! 4/97 *and* 4/96 Poster Child for Clueless $cientology Litigiousness

[And we haven't even mentioned the concentration style camps
( the RPF) that Scientology operates in Clearwater and Hemet
for members it considers in need of 'rehabilitation'.
Now, that revelation by an opponent of the Scientology Senator, 
would not do him much good either!]

Do you see the little light blinking on your console?
That is the ' Terminal Political Gaff' warning light for the 
good Senator and his next election.

I suggest *you* help your boss out of an increasingly tight corner!


Gregg Hagglund
Ontario, Canada

 Gregg SP4 
" I'm sure it's obvious to all who read my stuff, that I have 
serious problems when it comes to being able to communicate."
                            - -RonsAmigo, Official OSA Shill on ARS

$cientology Lawyer Bait: Co$ cures Cancer?:

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