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December 3, 1996
On Tuesday December 3, ]996, Jason Scott, the plaintiff
who successfully sued the Cult Awareness Network, Rick Ross and
others, and was awarded more than $4,000,000.00 in damages,
dismissed his lawyer Kendrick L. Moxon. Mr. Moxon, who generally
represents the Church of Scientology, was extensively quoted in a
December 1, 1996 Washington Post article by Laurie Goodstein
("Lawyer Buys Rights to Anti-Cult Organization").
Mr. Moxon's replacement, as attorney for Jason Scott,
is Graham E. Berry of the Los Angeles law firm of Musick, Peeler
& Garrett. Mr. Berry has successfully represented a number of
defendants against the Church of Scientology and its related
entities. Recently, he replaced Faegre & Benson of Minneapolis
as FACTNet, Inc.'s lead lawyer in Scientology's internet related
litigation against FACTNet, Lawrence Wollersheim, and Robert
Penny, now pending in Federal District court, Denver, Colorado.
In replacing Kendrick Moxon, Jason Scott said that he
had not seen a penny of his judgment against the Cult Awareness
Network and that he was now retaining Graham Berry to try and
negotiate a settlement that would both put a reasonable sum of
money in his pocket and perhaps enable the Cult Awareness Network
to emerge from the bankruptcy it filed as a result of his
judgment against it.
In addition, Mr. Scott said that he was tired of being
a Scientology poster-boy, and that he felt Kendrick Moxon had
discarded him after he had obtained the judgment against the Cult
Awareness Network. Now, said Mr. scott, he merely wants to
settle his claims against CAN, obtain some money, reunite with
his wife and family and put this whole saga behind him.
Because Mr. Scott cannot currently afford to hire a new
lawyer, Graham Berry and the Los Angeles law firm of Musick,
Peeler & Garrett have agreed to represent Jason Scott on a
pro-bono basis.
Press Release
December 3, 1996
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