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Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 17:49:38 GMT

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>Which site is the transcript of the first big story programme on ?

I've never seen it transcribed, Richard. There are some quotes on the web,
which I may as well reproduce here:


Jim Siegelman: "Of all the cult groups that we have studied over the last
2 decades now, Scientology has shown itself consistently to be the most
effective in terms of recruiting and, more importantly, potentially the
most damaging in terms of its effects on its members."

Vaughn Young: "Hubbard literally had a plan for world conquest. He
literally wanted to take over the world, but he had to put it in other
terms. The term he came up with was "clear the planet." This sounds like a
very beneficient action: we're going to "clear the planet" which means
'rid it of its problems' but really it was more of a case like a Hitler:
he wants to rid the planet of vermin. The vermin are the people who are
stopping him and these were basically the enemies of Scientology."

Russell Miller: "Ron Hubbard was a charlatan, a liar, a confidence
trickster, a thief. He invented his whole life. He invented a career to
substantiate himself as the guru of Scientology."

Interviewer: "Do you ever think that you might be... quite mad?"
L Ron Hubbard: "Oh yes! The one man in the world who never believes he is
mad is a madman." [smirk]

Stacy Young [on David Miscavige]: "His viciousness and his cruelty to
was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. He wanted me to
carry out a lot of his vindictive orders... He just loved to degrade the
staff. He got a kick out of it: he thought it was funny. Anyone who didn't
think it was funny, like I didn't, was very suspect."

Sea Org member [persuading undercover reporter to join]: "Here it's just
like very dedicated... you get berth and fed and... Our purpose is really
big, because to clear Earth takes a long long time. We're talking about 5
billion people on this planet."

That's from http://www.demon.co.uk/castle/fuss/bigstory.html

The second Big Story on Scientology was transcribed by John Ritson and is
archived at http://www.demon.co.uk/castle/media/itv281196

Hope this helps!
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