Arnie Lerma's Best of the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology number three

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Chanting in Scientology, by Mark Plummer AKA Warrior

"Success stories" With regards to the state and federal income tax returns, I spoke
with my boss' CPA at the all-Scientology member firm Greenberg &
Jackson. My boss' CPA there informed me that they "could not file
a tax return that was knowingly fraudulent" since to do so would
involve the firm in criminal activity.

I could NOT get my boss to be honest! He continued to violate the
laws of the land with regards to taxes. When I informed him that I
would NOT file a fraudulent income tax return, he told me that he
"would find someone who would"!!

What does $cientology do with all that hot poop in those 'confessional' files? - one ex -member reports that they all go into a huge database on Scientology's mainframe computer system called "INCOMM" and whenever there is a problem somewhere, the   names of people that they have the dirt on is located and the information is used as 'leverage' to effect the solution that Scientology desires. And this conduct is considered a non profit charitable activity?

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