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"Man positively needs general ideas and convictions that will give a meaning to his life and enable him to find his place in the universe.  He can stand the most incredible hardships when he is convinced that they make sense but he is crushed when, on top of all his misfortunes, he has to admit that he is taking part in a 'tale told by an idiot.".  Carl Jung

Lord of the Flies ..David Miscavige is their Lord of the Flies....I am pleased and baffled that posts such as this help me to get
rid of more vestiges of cultic mind think.It is a great segway from this,
to the story of the shipwrecked kids building what they think is a society
alone on an island in the book called Lord of the Flies.

Best of Cerberus.... 

A message to ex members by Stacy Young

Arnie Lerma's Best of the Newsgroup alt.religion.scientology '

More great postings

The story of the 7th son versus Scientology's management  Arnie Lerma

Dennis Erlich's body raisins story of Heber Jentzch and Earle Cooley on a radio show, from Sept 1995

31 March 01 from IRC Chat channel ScientologyLIES if anyone cares to post this: "I heard on KGO Radio in San Francisco that direct-mail from Clearwater and Orange County Calif. [Also lots of Scientologists] is the biggest scam area in the nation... this was a 3 hour "consumer hot-line show"  The host said he knows it's most likely "a scam" if it's from those two areas.

Kent Stryker : Old Time Scientology scam artist - raided by FBI for charities fraud..

RISKS DIGEST - dealing with operatives

Tory Bezazian Ex-30 year Scientologist and OSA Volunteer Tory Bezazian posted this excellent summary of how OSA runs their volunteers. Before it was called "OSA" it was called "The Guardians Office" which had a "Guardian's Auxiliary" that did the same functions.  Tory Bezazian's excellent summation is here.

Joe Harrington's Last posting:    January 2001
Hubbard's highest crime against his fellow man is that he ruthlessly
exploited the good intentions of the many who would believe in him.
And he did this, IMO, to fill the void of his personal insecurity and
his need for self-aggrandizement.

Serpent in the Whitehouse: With all of Clinton's dodgy relationships being brought to attention, why hasn't anybody thoroughly investigated his unbashful endorsements of the scientology cult? Because they don't understand scientology and they haven't asked the right question: are the Clinton's practicing Scientologists? I believe scientology is the missing link between the Clinton administrations actions and motives. Like scientology, the Clinton administration holds itself above the law and has mastered use of the fair game policy.

CAN Alert: October 1998 " Scientology served the warehouse owners with some legal mumbo jumbo about a 3rd party writ and scared them into locking out the CAN staff and supporters involved in the preservation project. You might ask, how did the Church of Scientology know about this project? Well, they are spending a lot of tax-exempt money to spy on and harass staff members and supporters of the original CAN.

Der Spiegel - Sept 1998 : In addition to that, according to the findings of state security, the sect is in a financial turmoil. Several of the district [Scientology] organizations are carrying an enormous debt.

Antisectarian publication to come out in Russia

MOSCOW, October 7 (Itar-Tass) - The first antisectarian periodical will be
published in Russia. The journal "Prozreniye" (Seeing the light) is the joint
project of St.Irenee of Lyon Orthodox Centre and the Moscow Patriarchate

OT Committees - Scientology operatives organizing fake grassroots..."This is an artificial "grassroots." Ordered from Int, [ International management of Scientology ] set in place by local DSAs, [Director of Special Affairs ] and taken to the streets by OT Committees, [Groups of "Operating Thetans - fully brainwashed adherents ] who report back uplines, careful to leave no connection to the official Org [ local organization ] in their work. "

Scientology's Founder L Ron Hubbard on Mohammed : "...that, eh, when Mohammed decided to be a good
small-town booster in the Kansas, Middle-East, or something of the sort." continues...

New Zealand Census data : Shows # of Scientologists: - Scientology claims 8 million members? I think not....
1986: 189
1991: 207
1996: 213

Please see NY City University survey results that indicates that there are only 50,000 people claiming to be Scientologists in the United States

1989: Narconon in Oklahoma: "Well, first of all let me say that there is control. The Chilocco Development Authority and Narconon both, have placed themselves under the jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma for operation of a health care facility."

Scientology's Corporate Shells Collapsed by Appellate decision: October 1998 Wollersheim

"As this court has concluded CSI and RTC are the alter egos of CSC,"

UK MEDIA: "Menacing, creepy, ludicrous Scientology"

LA Radio Station: Sept 1998"In the two years I've listened to Phil, I don't recall him EVER ripping Co$ like this. The most I recall ever, is a quick little flippant comment which amounts to nothing more than something like "Scientologists? Oh, those nuts."

David Alexander [ Ex member] "Hence I perceive Scientology as a lurid, secretive society where members are hypnotically bonded to each other, and to the group by secrets revealed, and the menace of exposure for any who are not submissive."

Dorian Files - In a series I have described as 'manipulative' to 'Evil because of his support for the philosophy of Nazi Eugenics' to a 'Scientology OSA Operation', this mystery man tells a story both compelling, insane and repulsive... much like L Ron Hubbard...purportedly about the origins of scientology...

Harassment of Stacy Young's Family: "Two of my sisters, the ones who live in Atlanta, Georgia, and Duluth, Minnesota, have been picketed by Scientology in the last week. Both of my sisters are sending me the fliers that were handed out. My sister in Duluth told me that the flier they were trying to hand out in her neighborhood said something like, "Please tell Stacy to tell Bob Minton that he should stop spending his money to hurt the Church of Scientology."

Letters from Mike Rinder to Bob Minton's wife - these speak for themselves

Another letter Bob's wife with a great commentary by Gregg Hagglund

FAB Magazine : The cult made headlines last month when a lawsuit involving a former gay member and John Travolta was made public. Travolta is named in a lawsuit that charges the actor helped the Church of Scientology deceive a gay member into believing he could turn straight.

Life History Form... Incredible .. but then most successful frauds are..

Moslems want nothing to do with Scientology

More on Enforced Abortions - Stacy Young with commentary by Warrior

Truth about Dianetics

What does $cientology do with all that hot poop in those 'confessional' files? - one ex -member reports that they all go into a huge database on Scientology's mainframe computer system called "INCOMM" and whenever there is a problem somewhere, the   names of people that they have the dirt on is located and the information is used as 'leverage' to effect the solution that Scientology desires. And this conduct is considered a non profit charitable activity?

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