"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."
-Bob Marley

Arnie Lerma's Best of the Newsgroup alt.religion.scientology


Why does the Moon owned Washington Times never print anything
critical of Scientology?

Bill Cheshire came from the old Washington Evening Star
He offered to work for the Washington Times when they bought it
but after two weeks they changed his editorial to favor something Korean
so he quit and took his whole staff with him and let Moon have his way

More great postings

Bob Minton on shots fired in New Hampshire & Scientology

Why Paulette Cooper, Author of Scandal of Scientology, stopped posting to ARS

Paulette Cooper harassment diary

Entire Paulette Cooper Story including OPERATION FREAKOUT

The Secret about the CLAMS!

Scientology's plan to clog search engines so public cant find critical data A transcript of the pertinent segment from the LRH birthday celebration on Friday, March 13, 1998. The speaker, I'm told, is Mark Ingber.

Secret "NOTS" material still available in Sweden's Parliament & efforts by cult to remove them...

Two charitable trusts that were supposed to be dissolved by IRS agreement still exit

Local newspaper article about the harassment of ex-scientologist Vaughn Young and his animal sanctuary

Robert Minton's Emancipation Proclamation to Scientology

German Commission finds Scientology worse that they even though after meeting with various folks including
this website owner, Arnaldo Lerma

Scientology's plan to handle the internet

Collapse in United Kingdom [ some financial information too ]

-a few of the famous Attorney's postings

Scientology looses its case in Greek Court of Appeal
Greek Justice gave the final decisive blow to Scientology with the verdict of the Court of Appeals, ordering KEFE (Scientology's Mission in Greece) to a permanent shut down and liquidation, while at the same time condemning Hubbard's theories.

A Lurker's first statement:

As for my name, I have an ex-wife who is on OT7, and she has two of my daughter's with here, and I am not ready to have them told to disconnect from me for daring to speak out about this most evil of all manifestations known as the Co$. ...........

Well enough of my story for now. Suffice to say. I know this cult. It is evil - truly evil. It must be plowed in the ground and salted. For the good of Mankind.

Scientology posts 9 Million Bond with court for Wollersheim to stop seizure of assets

OSA Network orders or retitled re-issues of GO orders in violation of US Vs MSH stipulation, by Neal Hamel ex GO member

                on respect for human rights in the European Union (1995)
                Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs
                Rapporteur:    Mrs Claudia Roth

"24.    Voices its deep concern at the unlawful or criminal activities
perpetrated by certain sects and at the violation by some of them of
their members' psychological integrity, such violations being all the
more serious as they sometimes concern minors;

25.    Calls on the Member States, with due regard for the principles of
the rule of law, to take whatever action is needed to combat violations
of fundamental rights perpetrated by certain sects and, if the legal
basis and grounds therefor exist, to provide for them to be prohibited;"

Dr. Christopher Evans' book, "Cults of Unreason", is now
available online at:
Chapter one is entitled "The Science Fiction Religion".
It's very well worth reading. If you haven't read this one,
I recommend that you do so.

Berlin Cult Demo Report: 5 November 97 Now here comes the best: After another and yet another routine he enthusiastically and triumphant shouted: "DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME?". Without any delay the crowd shouted back: "YEAHHHHHH!". For a moment he was completely dumbfounded. That wasn't the expected answer, in fact it was the opposite of what he wanted to hear. So like a stubborn child he says: "Well, but *I* don't want to go home! Ok, let me hear you just one more time, ok? Just one last time... "

Scientology's corporate Shells are collapsed by Judicial Order 10-29-97

Copyright Alert "And the 2nd amendment should apply to "the right to keep and bear 'information' in order to protect oneself from despotism of any kind, from those who seek to destroy evidence and information and those who use copyright to conceal evidence of fraud "

A most *excellent* filing by Morrisson & Forster, who represent Dennis Erlich - [ WISH my attorneys at that time Faegre & Benson had dug one tenth of this stuff up in RTC vs Lerma... but then hindsight is 20/20...Arnie Lerma]

"As set forth in Mr. Erlich's accompanying memorandum, RTC and BPI have failed to prove they possess the necessary ownership interest to sue for infringement of the copyrights at issue in this case. Plaintiffs either have failed to enter any evidence into the record to support their assertions of ownership or there is evidence calling the evidence they have provided into dispute. At a minimum, each item listed below presents a genuine issue of material fact, which prevents summary judgment in plaintiffs' favor. "

Anonymous report from a Chiropractor's office:

"I started a job with a Chiropractors office about a month ago. At one of our staff meetings the tone scale was displayed and discussed. I found it odd, but being new everything seemed odd so I didn't question it. Though it kept nagging on me."

Alec gets a letter from the cult

None of these charges contest that Scientology is a religion for the many good people who believe in it, but it does show conspiracy to represent Scientology as a religion based on (mis)statements of "fact" that were truly contrived.

Scientology would exterminate undesirables
".....and is not beyond the extermination of 2.5% of the population. Or 20% or more if told to do so. The same Scientological mind is capable of amazingly justified feats of cruelty and perfidy. That's why the organization is dangerous and why its dangers are recognized by certain governments."

William Barwell on ARS
"Now it's Scientology's turn and it is the net that will do them in.
It is no religion, it is a fraud."

Canadian Gregg Hagglund writes to Senator D'Amato's staff":
"My country has seen fit, in the highest court, to criminally
convict the *entire* Church of Scientology for criminal
breach of trust and to impose fines for these criminal acts."

Arnie Lerma writes to Senator D'Amato explaining

the truth about Scientology's Religious Cloaking Device


A posting re Scientology Tactics, by 'Warrior':
"Constantly associate those who oppose us
with those names that already have a bad smell.
The association will, after enough repetition, become
"fact" in the public mind." -- 1956 Report of the House
Committee on Un-American Activities (volume 1, page 347)

Posting by "the worm" re Scientology tactics
"More and more I'm seeing the truth to, "Everyone hates Scientology". The only
help they get from anyone is bought, extorted or manipulated."

Rod Keller's Week in Review

10/5/97 :"Zenon in Sweden wrote: "Last night I wallpapered the pavement of Riddarolmsbron, a bridge in
central Stockholm, with the same stuff. [ supper-duper 'secret' NOTs ] Incidentally the bridge has the court of appeals on one side and the supreme court on the other."

10/19/97 "Martin Ottmann reported that the directors of the new CAN were announced in Scientology's Impact magazine.
"Iz Chait (President), Jean Hornnes (Vice-President), Dr. George Robertson, Nancy O'Meara, Leisa Lewinson and Mark Lurie. Iz Chait is a New OT VIII, Patron Meritorious of the IAS, WISE-member and has donated $500,000 for the Tech Preservations Project. In an earlier Impact magazine it was told he had done 'projects for the 'Office of Special Affairs''.

10/27/97 "The 9th Circuit looks as though it will reverse the trial court decision in Scott awarding damages against CAN. Jason [Scott] can thank me for getting the Beeny/Moxon money when he could not have collected against CAN if the 9th Circuit so rules. The Illinois Supreme Court ruling opens the way for Bowles & Moxon,etc., to be hit with a massive damages award in favor of the old CAN. We will take the evidence and present it to the IRS as grounds for revoking the 501(c)(3) status and the Congress as grounds for a Congressional Inquiry into the organization that dares to call itself a religion!"

11/2/97 :""L. Ron Hubbard's signatures on some copyright transfer documents and
David Miscavige's Notary Log Book are not authentic. Evidence:"

"Producers of the Fox network's show "Millennium" are under pressure for an
upcoming show about a cult resembling Scientology. From The Hollywood
Reporter: "

11/09/97: "BBC Channel 4 has come under attack from Scientology for its planned broadcast of an uncomplimentary documentary on L. Ron Hubbard. The Independent carried articles this week that John Travolta has been pressuring BBC executives to cancel the broadcast, and that Eugene Ingram and other Scientology PIs have been harassing the producers of the show. "

11/17/97: "It seems that a jury may be required to consider if my alleged postings were 'willful.' I suppose they were not, since to this day I do not believe that exposing criminal activity should subject a person to trade secret and copyright provisions of the law.

11/22/97: The Fox network aired an episode of Millennium which described descriptions of a cult similar to Scientology. Scientology had put pressure on the producers to make the episode less obviously based on the real cult. Fredric Rice provided a synopsis of the plot

Lawrence Wollersheim on 17 years of litigation with $cientology:

"I will continue to use the justice system for another 17 years, if necessary to enforce my judgement [ 6 million US $ and growing ] and do what I can to use the litigation process to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to educate the world about this dangerous group. I also have to thank Earl Cooley and all the Scientology attorneys and executives who have done everything possible to continually dissuade me from doing anything, but fighting them with the full force of the law. If it wasn't for your activities I would never have had such an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, challenge and adventure. And for that I am deeply grateful."

Fingarette, "Coercion, Coercive Persuasion, and the Law"

In the end this is a factual question: how gross was the wrong done the victim, or how gross is the incompetence? No doubt after a certain point even the Constitutional restraints on the court dissolve, no matter how insistently a religious rationale is offered.: REFERENCE: Robbins, Shepherd, and McBride, editors, "Cults, Culture,
and Law: Perspectives on New Religious Movements". Scholars Press,
California. pp. 81-91. 1985.

Excerpt from Tom Voltz' Book on Scientology , Scientology or Democracy?

"To hell with this society. We are building a new one."
L. Ron Hubbard

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