"Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves." -Lord Byron

A banner on a freeway in Australia - provided by an activist pointing to xenu.net

Arnie Lerma's Best of the Newsgroup alt.religion.scientology

Jeff Jacobsen speech to Clearwater Florida city council - Re Mary DeMoss

What if a religion should be vilified?
The Age [ Australia ]
Tuesday 24 April 2001

All who admire the lead that Jews have given in sticking up for underdogs
over the past 50 years will be disappointed by the low-grade arguments
deployed by the executive director of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation
Commission, Danny Ben-Moshe, to support the Bracks Government's proposed
Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill ("Racist slurs will continue while
they are legal", on this page last Wednesday).  Rest of article here

Understanding what is going on on the newsgroup [ cult shills ]

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Who's who on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology - index of folks for those just joining in the fun now

"You're hanging out with that Whacko?" Stern on Travolta Howard Stern chats with Senator D'Amato

Birgitta Dagnell

Former head of the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) for Europe

"My story about Scientology"


Dr. Stephen Kent has been a target of scientology intimidation for having the courage to speak his mind
The revised and corrected version of a shorter presentation given at
the 27th Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag, June 20, 1997, Leipzig, Germany
Stephen A. Kent (Ph.D.)
Department of Sociology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
T6G 2H4

Gregg Hagglund's Picket report..

There they stood impotently or milled about, trapped in the
Fantasy Hell woven by a megalomaniac.

Reverend Dennis Erlich on how Scientology's ideas can kill: Ideas that Wound

"if they express anything but certainty about the correctness of what
their seniors are ordering them to do, they know they will get sent to
the RPF, the Running Program or worse. They know that if they want to
leave, they will have to try to escape in the middle of the night,
crawl through ditches and flag down a passing car before the guards
notice their absence, and call out the search team to hunt them down
and bring them back."


Show me the money!

WestWorld Article - Arnie Lerma, Lawrence Wollersheim and Bob Penny (AKA FACTNet) turn down
a big pile of money to continue to do the right thing and let you all know about the crimes of Scientology,
by Alan Pendergrast

ARS week in Review
This is Rod Keller's weekly summation of ARS events

A.r.s Week in Review - 8/24/97
A.r.s Week in Review - 9/07/97
A.r.s Week in Review - 9/20/97
A.r.s Week in Review - 9/27/97
A.r.s Week in Review - 10/12/97

Robert Vaughn Young, ex member of the Sea Organization, tells inside tales of neo-fascist internal workings of the
criminal cult of power and greed...

OSA is the GO
Proof that Scientology's OSA, the "Office of Special Affairs" is the same old "Guardians Office" or GO outlawed by Federal order...
FBI & US Attorneys Office please read this

Department 20 - the cult's PR & dirty tricks dept...
"And you'll need to get in collar," Artie said.
Collar. That meant the turned-around collar that Catholic priests wear. We
had been wearing them as part of our "Religious Image Program" for the
last few years. I hated them. Frankly, so did Artie, who was Jewish, as
did all the rest of the PR regulars. But they were part of the "image" so
we pulled them on when needed. Today was one of those. We had to make
every appearance of being a church "raped" by the FBI. "

Michael Meisner
This memo, posted by RonIsXenu, is dealing with Michael Meisner, who was
the B1 (Intel Bureau) agent who finally went to the feds with his story
of their burglaries of the federal offices, tapping IRS meetings, etc,
which produced the raid of July 1977. His code name here is "Herb."
The story of how they tried to imprison him and how he finally escaped to
the feds will be found in the Stipulation of Evidence.
Of note, there is mention here of handwriting samples the feds might want
to make the connection to him (from logs in federal buildings). The feds
did that. They asked for them from a guy who worked in the Legal Bureau of
the DC org by the name of Rick Moxon. The FBI noted how Moxon gave them
false samples and cited his obstruction of the investigation. He is now
the cult's lead attorney.

A dispatch by L Ron Hubbard that predates Operation Snow White

": Continue to apply pressure and mop up. Dead agent the wild false
: statements of the 1950-1970 scene by pin-pointing the general
: villainy of the agencies concerned (AMA, FDA, WFMH, NAMH, APA and
: George Wash. U where govt. clerks go to get degrees to be FBI,
: Justice Attorneys, FDA execs and other track). Be alert that we
: have not omitted another spearhead that was also involved.
: Continue to look for NEW opposition and handle well."

The Beginnings of Dept 20

The Guardian's Office used to have a piece of promo that I personally
found quite compelling. All it said was something like, "Everything to
this point has prepared you to join the Guardian's Office."

Hubbard's mind

There is also the "Criminal Mind" HCOB where he says a person is guilty of
the crimes he accuses of others. That is straight L. Ron Hubbard talking.
All you have to do is read the crimes he rants about and you can find him
committing them, starting with sex crimes. (Hubbard was completely
psychotic on the subject of sex and finally said it was invented by the
"psychs", meaning sex was evil.)

Scientology' s History of Criminal Behavior

"Evidentiary fact: The Church of Scientology is currently engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to impede and obstruct municipal, state and federal taxing authorities, by adopting a religious and charitable guise to avoid payment of taxes." Go here for complete text

The Warrior posts
This fellow touched a nerve with me, with some insightful tales good for ex-members..

Warrior1 - He happened to see the copy of my book, _L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or
Madman?_ and said: "*What* are you doing with this book?!? You *KNOW*
you are NOT supposed to read THIS!!!" I responded that it was my
right, that I knew Scientology forbid the reading of "entheta", but
that I was going to read it anyway because I wanted to see another
point of view. He was VERY VERY upset and left shortly afterwards.
That night while I was sleeping, one of my car windows was smashed

Warrior2 -

>Now it is 1997 and I am 27 yr. old. I still am not sure why I'm writing
>all of this, other then the fact that I believe something is wrong.
>I have been disconnected from my father and uncle for 6 yr. now. yet
>the whole reason I got into Scientology was to be able to communicate
>with my father better. Oh well.


- Tax fraud - story of how scientology management techniques were used in one company

Italian Documents

Avvertenza del traduttore: non sono un traduttore professionista,
sono solo interessato all' argomento e preoccupato per gli
eventuali effetti sulla gente. Ho fatto del mio meglio per
tradurre fedelmente il testo qui presentato. Il lettore voglia
quindi scusare errori, apparenti incongruenze o la traduzione non
appropriata di terminologia medica, psicologica, legale,
scientologica o specialistica in genere. Grazie

Italian affidavit on Fair game tactics by Robert Young ex-sea Organization Offce of Special Affairs staff member

Italian Language version of Lisa McPherson story - A MUST READ

German language articles

Arnie Lerma, 8 Steps out of Scientology, some milestones for exiting Scientologists,

Bob Minton - Elliot Abelson called me....

Keith Henson
on use of copyright & tradesecret law to conceal FRAUD from the public - judges9.html

Carlton TV's Big Story (quotes)

Vaughn Young: "Hubbard literally had a plan for world conquest. He actually
literally wanted to take over the world, but he had to put it in other
terms. The term he came up with was "clear the planet." This sounds like a
very beneficent action: we're going to "clear the planet" which means
'rid it of its problems' but really it was more of a case like a Hitler:
he wants to rid the planet of vermin. The vermin are the people who are
stopping him and these were basically the enemies of Scientology."

Russell Miller: "Ron Hubbard was a charlatan, a liar, a confidence
trickster, a thief. He invented his whole life. He invented a career to
substantiate himself as the guru of Scientology."

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