Appeal for assistance:

Above $cientologists search my basement....Helena Kobrin in on far right, if you can ID the two fellows above, please email thank you.

Dear Friend,

My name is Arnaldo Lerma, I am a struggling self employed small businessman in Arlington Virginia, a founding member of Volunteers for an Independent Arlington, an anti corruption public interest reform group in Virginia, and a member of the board of FACTNet, an anti-cult data archive & electronic lending library....... and I now happen to be in big trouble..
The situation is very grave for the growing number of ex-members and critics who have the courage to speak out publicly about the cult called $cientology. Please do what you can to help call attention to this criminal organization, perhaps refer this letter to anyone interested who may be in a position to assist. Advice on how to proceed in raising public & governmental awareness is welcome.

On August 12th at 9:30 AM my home was searched from top to bottom by members of the Cult of Scientology. The President of their 'Religious' Technology Corporation (RTC) even searched the drawers in my bedroom...all the while, under the 'color of law', using a search and seizure order procured by the filing of false and misleading affidavits, as two United States Marshalls stood idly by ...after 'gaining entrance' and 'securing' the premises, to my home, a modest 2 bedroom rambler in suburban Washington, in North Arlington.. I have two videotapes of this raid. Look at images.
This unholy alliance of what claims to be a "church" with the power and authority of the Federal government, was the result, of my posting to an Internet newsgroup, alt.religion.scientology, an open public record court document.(note1) That contained less that 10% of certain alleged copyright works in question, as attachments to that affidavit. Included in this posting was a document where L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology, claimed to be 'The Anti-Christ' and goes on to claim that Jesus was a pedophile.. Its own lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, an unindicted-co-conspirator in US vs Mary Sue Hubbard marked this document as an infringement, then the cult claimed it was a forgery.. Note well, the style is the same as Hubbard, and when the OTIII writings were first published by the LA Times, the cult claimed they were a forgery also. Also included was rich documentation on the criminal practices of obstruction of justice, the harassment of critics, and intimidation of the media and judges by the cult.
The Washington Post was added to their lawsuit against me, and has won their case, including attorney fees. My case continues and it appears that I may have a judgment rendered against me for an act, that I consider was motivated by, the public interest, and under common law, a citizen may assert the right of privilege in order to protect the safety of the public. This 'Public Interest' defense was upheld in England in the Cyril Vosper case to squelch publication in 1971 of "The Mind Benders" (Now available on the internet) in that case, the English Court stated the following about the cult of $cientology "...capable of such danger that the public interest demands that people should know what is going on" LORD DENNING
In Scientology, you have an organization, which has a known and recognized criminal history (US vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al) 1982. Is currently under criminal indictment for 23 charges, including fraud, and inducement to suicide in Spain (note2). Has been characterized as the Evil Cult of Money and Greed, by Time Magazine, who was sued, (to silence them) for 416 million dollars, - a few months ago, that lawsuit was dismissed, except for one single short paragraph...and a 7 million dollar legal bill...... This cult has a history of harassment and bending of the legal machinery in order to silence critics (Note3). The Church was granted non-profit status in 1993 under an unprecedented "SECRET" closing agreement, that in itself is the subject of multiple lawsuits, by Dow Jones Wire Service, and Tax Analysts' in Arlington Virginia, in order that the public may be informed. I have been trying for some time to call public attention to the true nature of this organization that seeks world domination as its ultimate goal, and holds themselves above any mere laws of man (note4) The 1978 US Copyright law would benefit greatly with an actual written exception or wording that would reinforce 'fair use' definitions, in cases similar to mine, where the postings are a matter of public interest. This situation is chilling free speech on the internet, and the internet should remain free for public use, in the public interest, especially when there is no 'profit' involved. (note5)
This raid on my home and this case are becoming an embarrassing international incident. The cult copied and retained 119 diskettes with personal ernails, many between myself and ex-members whom they now know and can harass (note6) (Even though the writ of seizure was vacated by Judge Brinkema) The 'Church' has initiated legal action against a large number of internet providers and individuals in Holland, and has been the subject of an investigatory TV special in France (shown in 43 countries), which has resulted in much outrage that America in fact is the land of the free in name only(note7)

Having exhausted a $1,000,000 legal insurance policy, I understand why the framers of the Constitution, placed the first amendment, FIRST.

I have enclosed a diskette with various samples of documents for your aides' perusal. I am faced with the possibility of losing my home, which after 8 months of brutal litigation I am barely holding onto anyway.
I attempted to alert the public to a threat to the public, and I did it for the children. I was 17 when I decided not to pursue college, and joined this cult to try to save the world. If my actions result in just one kid, continuing to be a valuable contributor to society, instead of becoming a brainwashed cult follower, and wasting 10 years of his life, how much is that worth?
I don't know what you can do to help.. but I beg you, do something. The efforts of Citizenry upon the internet might save one of your children or grandchildren from becoming ensnared by the cult called Scientology.

Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma
"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak" (see note3)
"the internet is the Liberty tree of the 90's" (note 5)

Note 1: "Aug 19, 1995 "Church in Cyberspace" Wash Post, front page style, 90 column inches (to be available through Digital Ink, sometime in June 96 call 202-334-7772 for info)
Note 2:Translation of Dec 1994 Commencement of Spanish Criminal Trial Charges of original Spanish case document
Note 3 - Front page story in American University's, Washington College of Law, Magazine "The Jurist" November 1995,
Note 4: Front Page Style section, Wash Post, Christmas Day, 1994 Scientology Fiction, The Church's War Against its Critics - and - Truth,
Note 5: 'Liberty Tree' (please read this for my historical overview of the what the internet truly is)
Note 6: See RTC vs Lerrna 5 Jan 95 motion for summary judgement (moot) on basis of 'abuse of copyright',
Note 7: Partial list of articles about this and related incidents:
WIRED Magazine December 1995 Alt.scientology.war,
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You get the general idea
Note: this letter only concerns my story, there are many others on the web. The cult has just (1 April) instigated legal action against two more posters to the internet, Grady Ward, & Keith Henson in Judge Whyte's Federal Court in California, actions continue against Gerry Armstrong, Dennis Erlich, Netcom Corporation, FACTNet (an anti cult library), Lawrence Wollershiem, Bob Penny,David Mayo,Steven Fishman, John Atack, Karin Spaink, and many other Dutch, English, German, Austrialian and even a South African citizen.
Any assistance of any kind, advice or referrals, including monetary gifts gratefully accepted...., but frankly I'd prefer you called me directly at (703) 241 1498 (USA)

"Secrets are the mortar, binding bricks of lies together, into prisons for the mind"

Thank you for your time

For Further Information Contact:

Arnie Lerma
"Clear 3502"
Ex-Sea Organization Slave
Tel: 703 241 1498

"Secrets are the mortar, binding bricks of lies together, into prisons for the mind"
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