Title: I get Mail (lots of it!)
"alec" <alec@flash.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 17:59:10 -0600

I have received seven letters from Sea Org members including Helena
Kobrin--a friendly letter from her!  The letters are all from women, two of
whom I knew well.  One letter had a pair of panties in it!

What's common to all the letters is a message that I have experienced an
injustice, that I should get a "free" handling, and offers to come to Dallas
to be "close" to me.  Also that it would be a tragedy "of magnitude" if I
were to proceed with prosecution of the COS.

Here is an excerpt from Helena's letter:

Dear Mr. Alexander,

Please be at ease, this letter carries no threat.  On the contrary, it
conveys my best wishes for your survival.  I have recently been apprised of
the injustices you have experienced.  Let me say, I think you have handled
this misfortune courageously!  It is no mystery to me that you should seek
to prosecute, and you have been both astute and forthright in your
charges--for the wrongs you have interpreted.  But allow me to point out
that it is not as it might seem to you.

I will be in Dallas soon and would like to visit with you.  I will call you
when I arrive at my hotel.  May I call you David?  I want to make up for the
wrongs visited on you by well-intentioned but misguided Scientologists.  Can
we get together, say, this weekend?

You may call me

Wow!  Does anyone have a picture of Helena?  Is she attractive?  (Just

I wasn't sure how much punch my charges would carry, There are three items
in my statement that are
definitely incriminating:

a)  Exposing OSA orders to Gerry Armstrong to cover-up Hubbard's misdeeds
and embarrassing past, to avoid disenchanting customers who pay large
amounts to Scientology because they don't know of these embarrassing facts
about Hubbard.

b)  Hubbard's claims regarding the E-Meter being an infallible scientific
instrument, and that the volcanoes and the date of 75,000,000 years ago are
not religious belief, but are scientific fact based on his scientific
research applying the scientific E-Meter's infallible dating abilities on
hundreds of Scientologists.  Hubbard (and now COS) presents this as
scientific data in church dissemination literature, and it was this
scientific appeal that helped persuade me to spend $111,822.26 on
Scientology "psychotherapy".  I enclosed Peter Forde's scientific findings
which show that Hubbard's volcanoes did not yet exist 75 million years ago.

c)  I also included Don Lindsay's round-up of testimony from eight literary
contempories of Hubbard confirming his statement that he started Scientology
"to make a million dollars".  This is highly supportive of Hubbard's
atheist/agnostic perspective.

None of these charges contest that Scientology is a religion for the many
good people who believe in it, but it does show conspiracy to represent
Scientology as a religion based on (mis)statements of "fact" that were truly

And it looks like it's going to get me laid besides!

---David Alexander

Separation of Church and State?  Scientology intends to control the State

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