[ Roger Fredinburg the host, was bugged so much by
OSA in Portland, that he ran the show from tape
again on Sunday night on the 5th of April, when his
show airs right after Art Bell's...  I couldnt resist
and called OSA Portland and thanked them for harrassing
Roger Fredinburg so much as to move him to run the
show again! ]


 11 Pm Eastern time Wednesday night 
i had the pleasure to do
2 hours on The Talk America Radio Network
with Roger Fredinburg. I would have announced
this generally on the newsgroup but media in
general doesnt want to deal with OSA's annoying
unpleasantness when they get wind of something.
The show, based in Oregon is syndicated on the
stations listed at the end of this posting.

I had a list of items I was going to discuss
but 15 minutes before the show my computer
ceased to function... and then a phoneline
went bad...  so I logged onto IRC Chat 
#scientology to let a few enthusiasts know
the following information, so thy could
listen in and help me answer questions..

SATCOM (F1), 137 degrees West, Transponder 5, 
Audio Sub-carrier 5.8 mhz 

real audio available at http://www.thecampus.com/wphb/
Talk America Radio Network
Lerma starts a little after 11PM Eastern

www.regularguy.com  [ roger's site ]
He will likely get nuked with email etc...
you'all might want to thank him for
having me.

Visit Radio's Regular Guy Web SiteA


I discussed the nature of the trap called Scientology
how I considered it a fraud, and the evidence 
there of, Hubbards Navy history - etc

Covered Narconon, CCHR and CATS -
secret IRS Agreement, Lisa McPherson,
pickets, Deanna being picketed, Minton, Raids...
and detail that Williams and Connolly reps both
Bill Clinton as well as Davif Miscavige the head of Scientology....

Described the patterns of deception used to market the scam

described quentin hubbard's death

A fellow called in from california , an ex member
and described his story - which backed me up very nicely.

Another ex member who still belived some of the stuff
called in the - 'yeah theres some weird stuff but...
we were trying to save the world...'

A lady called in about scientology's efforts to
infilitrate the right wing movement in the US
using CCHR and CATS as fronts {citizens for an 
Alternative Tax System} 

Quoted some judicial quotes including:
"Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its 
practice is a serious threat to the community, 
medically, morally, and
socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded 
and often mentally ill... (Scientology is) the 
world's largest organization of
unqualified persons engaged in the practice 
of dangerous techniques which masquerade as 
mental therapy." --Justice Anderson, Supreme 
Court of Victoria, Australia 

and of course:
"Scientologists believe that most human problems 
can be traced to lingering spirits of an 
extraterrestrial people
massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million 
years ago. These spirits attach themselves by 
"clusters" to
individuals in the contemporary world, 
causing spiritual harm and negatively 
influencing the lives of their hosts "
[p2, lines 11-16] USDJ Judge Leonie 
Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, 
RTC vs Lerma 

Roger read this from my website on the air:
from my index page at lermanet2.com

Finally is appears that the american public
Is about to learn more than a few of the facts 
that saavy netizens have know for some time.

that Scientology is not a religion, 
unless fraud can be considered a 'charitable' endeavor,
a sinister apparation of 
neofascist mind control techniques using Orweilian
doublespeak to invoke their main line battle 
defense -a Romulan style 'religous' cloaking device..
used to escape government and public scrutiny,
cheat the hardworking american taxpayer,
while selling lies for a profit, about
an evil ruler named "xenu" and his plan to
enslave this sector of the galaxy...and
demonstrating that by their mere existence
that..fraud is apparantly legal in America...

This is end game for the empire of lies that ron built..

That scientology's wall of lies 
is pepperred with pock marks of truth, 
will not slow the inferno, 
as the fire of truth
brings down the evil empire.

After every break for advertising Roger
would spell out my website
L E R M A N E T . C O M
and told folks they had to see it.

The show went on for 2 hours!

At the end the last called was a man named
Joe from Pompano Beach FL ( not sure of city
but it was Florida } and he said he wanted to add to the story
about quentins death and he said:

"Quentin Hubbard was found in a car in the desert
with a hose going from the exhaust to the window as
you said" but in the trunk of his car was a
rolled up runner [ like would cover a carpet ] and there
was hair in the trunk that belonged to Quentin"
Which would indicate that he had been transported there
in the truck rolled up in the runner
He went on to say that he worked as an invetigative
writer [ PI? ] for Mary Sue Hubbard, and that
he hadn't had not been involved with them since 82
but bought some books a while ago.. His name was
Joe Lynn - and that he wrote a book about
psychiatrists for Mary Sue.

Joe  was I was told later
was one of the undicted co-conspirators
in US vs Mary Sue Hubbard.

HE said he was just changing stationed and heard me 
mention 'USLO' [ an acronym for an office I worked
in  in Los Angeles ]

Menwhile the host said that OSA was on the lines
demanding to tell the rest of the story...
I also pointed out Laundry ball fraud / tradenet = Scientology
And publically chastised co$ for an act of the most craven
cowardice - to cloak themselves in relgiousity
to escape government scrutiny.



The show aired on the following stations:
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak
Secrets are the mortar, binding lies as bricks together into prisons for the mind
The internet is the Liberty tree of the 90's 

K Anchorage   KENI 50k  650
AK Fairbanks   KFAR 10k  660
AK Kodiak      KVOK  1k  560
AZ Prescott    KNOT  1k 1450
AL Dothan      WWNT  1k 1450
AL Montgomery  WACV 10k 1170
AL Mobile      WNTM  1k  710
AL Florence    WBCF  1k 1240
AL Bessemer    WSMQ  1k 1450
AL Foley       WHEP  1k 1310
AR Pine Bluff  KOTN  1k 1490
AR Fort Smith  KWHN  5k 1320
AR Little Rock KARN  1k  920
AR Rogers      KURM  5k  790  
AR Humnoke     KARN  6k 01.7
AR Cabot       KKRN  3k 02.5
AR Dumas       KDDA 500W1560
AZ Sierra VistaKLTW1.5k 1420
AZ Kingman     KAAA  1k 1300
AZ Safford     KATO  1k 1230
AZ Yuma        KBLU  1k  560
CA Lancaster   KHJJ  1k 1380
CA San Barbara KQSB  5k  990
CA CarmelValleyKIEZ 50k  540
CA S LuisObispoKGLW  1k 1340
CA Sonora      KVML  1k 1450
CA Redding     KQMS  1k 1400
CA Monterey    KNRY  1k 1240
CA SantaMaria  KSMA  1k 1240
CA PasaRobles  KPRL  1k 1230
CA Merced      KYOS  5k 1480
CA Chico       KPAY  5k 1290
CA Palm SpringsKNWZ  5k 1270
CA Grass ValleyKNCO  5k  830
CA Bakersfield KERN  1k 1410
CA WatersonvilleKOMY 1k 1340
CO Grand Jnctn KNZZ 50k 1100
CO Aspen/Vail  KNFO  2k106.1
CT New Haven   WELI  5k  960
DE Rehoboth    WGMD  3k 92.7
DE Wilmington  WDEL  5k 1150
FL Orlando     WDBO  5k  580
FL Tampa/StPeteWHNZ  5k  570
FL St AugustineWFOY  1k 1240
FL JacksonvilleWOKV 10k  690
FL Sebring     WWTK500w  730
FL Sarasota    WKXY  5k  930
FL Fort Myers  WTLQ  1k 1240
FL Leesburg    WQBQ  5k 1410
FL De Land     WXVQ  1k 1490
FL Gainsville  WRUG  5k  850
FL Daytona Bch WNDB  1k 1150
FL Marianna    WTOT  1k  980
GA Douglas     WDMG  5k  890
GA Moultrie    WMGA  1k  580
GA Macon       WMWR 10k  940
GA Dalton      WBLJ  1k 1230
IA Des Moines  KXTK 10k  940
IA Dubuque     KDTH  5k 1370
IA Ottumwa     KLEE500w 1480
ID Idaho Falls KID   5k  590
ID Sandpoint   KSPT  1k 1400
IN Auburn      WGL   3k102.3
IN Auburn      WGLL  1k 1570
IL Ottowa      WCMY500w 1430
IL Highland    WINU1.7k  880
IL Peoria      WTAZ  6K102.3
IL Springfield WMAY  1k  970
IL Quincy      WTAD  5k  930
IL Herrin      WJPF  1k 1340
IN Terre Haute WBOW  1K  640
IN Tell City   WTCJ  1k 1230
KS Chanute     KKOY  1k 1460
KS Liberal     KSCB  1k 1270
KS Salina      KSAL  5k 1150
KY Lexington   WLXG2.5k 1300
KY Ownesboro   WOMI  1k 1490
LA Baton Rouge WJBO  5k 1150
LA Lake CharlesKAOK  1k 1400
MA Springfield WNNZ 50k  640
ME Presque IsleWEGP  5k 1390 
ME Bangor      WVOM100w103.9
MI S St Marie  WKNW250w 1400
MI Petoskey    WJML 10k 1110
MI Flint       WFNT  5k 1470
MI Muskegon    WKBZ  1k  850
MI Kalamazoo   WKZO  5k  590
MN Brainerd    WWWI  5k 1270
MN St Cloud    KNSI  1k 1450
MN Bemidji     KKBJ  5k 1360
MN DetroitLakesKDLM  1k 1340
MO St Louis    WIBV  5k 1260
MO Washington  KLPW  1k 1220
MO West Plains KWPM  1k 1450
MO Osage Beach KRMS  1k 1150 
MO Festus      KJFF  1k 1400
MO JeffersonCtyKWOS  1k 1240
MO Cape GirardoKZIM  5k  960
MO Sikeston    KSIM  1K 1400
MO Aurora      KSWM  1k  940
MS Cleveland   WDSK  1k 1410
MS Jackson     WFMN 25k 97.3
MS Richton     WESV  3k 96.5
MT Missoula    KLCY  5k  930
MT Bozeman     KMMS  1k 1450
MT Great Falls KQDI  1k 1450
MT Kalispell   KJJR 10k  690
NC FayettevilleWFAI  1k 1230
NC Southrn PineWEEB  5k  990
NC JacksonvilleWLAS  5k  910
NC Statesville WSIC  1k 1400
NC Wilmington  WMFD  1k  630
NC Albermarle  WSPC  1k 1010
NC Greensboro  WKEW  1k 1400
NH Manchester  WGIR  5k  610
NJ New BrunswckWCTC  1k 1450
NM Las Cruces  KOBE  1k 1450
NM Roswell     KBIM  5k  910
NM Los Alamos  KRSN  1K 1490
NM Farmington  KENN  5k 1390
NV Elko        KTSN  1k 1340
NV Las Vegas   KVBC    105.1
NV Reno        KNVR  1k101.7
NY Utica       WIBX  5k  950
NY Amsterdam   WCSS  1k 1490
NY Buffalo     WBEN  5k  930
NY Jamestown   WJTN500W 1240
NY Hudson      WHUC  1K 1230
NY Glens Falls WWSC2.5k 1450
NY Olean       WMNS  1k 1360
OH Lima        WIMA  1k 1150
OH Mansfield   WMAN  1k 1400
OH Springfield WBLY  1k 1600
OH BellefontainWBLL5OOw 1390
OK Lawton      KFXI100k 92.1
OK BartlesvilleKWON  1k 1400
OR Salem       KYKN  5k 1430
OR Eugene      KPNW 50k 1120
OR Baker City  KBKR  1k 1490
OR La Grande   KLBM  1k 1450
OR Roseburg    KTBR  1K  950
OR Coos Bay    KTBR 25k 94.1
OR Coos Bay    KBBR  1k 1230
OR Tillamook   KMBD  5k 1590
OR Coquille    KWRO  5k  630
OR KlamathFallsKAGO  5k 1150
OR Medford     KOPE100k103.5
PA Allentown   WAEB  1k  790
PA Beaver FallsWBVP  1k 1230
PA Milton      WMLP  1k 1380
PA Reading     WEEU  1k  850
PA PhillipsburgWPHB  5k 1260
PA Wilkes BarreWILK  5k  980
PA Scranton    WGBI  1k  910  
PA Hazelton    WILP  5k 1300
PA Mt. Pocono  WILT  1k  960
SC Anderson    WAIM  1k 1230
SC Charleston  WTMA  5k 1250
SC Columbia    WVOC  5k  560
SC Greenville  WYRD  5k 1330
SC Myrtle BeachWRNN  6k 92.5
SC Spartenburg WORD  5k  910
SD Sioux Falls KWSN  1k 1230
TN Chattanooga WGOW  6k102.3
TN Nashville   WWTN100k 99.7
TX Austin      KJFK 18k 98.9
TX El Paso     KTSM  5k 1380
TX Amarillo    KPUR  5k 1440
TX Lufkin      KRBA  1k 1340
TX CorpusChrst KTKY 25k106.1
TX Lubbock     KFYO  1k  790
UT Slt Lake CtyKALL  5k  910
UT St George   KDXU 10k  890
UT Vernal      KVEL  5k  920
UT Blanding    KUTA  1k  790
UT Logan       KVNU  5k  610
VA Bristol     WXBQ  5k  980
VA Richmond    WRVA  1k 1140
WA Anacortes   KLKI  1k 1340
WA Aberdeen    KXRO  1k 1320
WA Colville    KCVL  1k 1240
WA Colefax     KMAX  1k  840
WA Moses Lake  KBSN  5k 1470
WA Vancouver   KKEY  5k 1150
WA Ellensburg  KXLE  1k 1240
WI Madison     WTDY 10k 1670
WI Lacrosse    WIZM  5k 1410
WI Green Bay   WGEE  5k 1360
WI Fond Du Lac KFIZ  1k 1450
WI West Bend   WBKV2.5k 1470
WI Stevens Pt  WSPT  1k 1010
WV Charleston  WQBE  5k  950
WV Vienna      WLTP  1k 1450
WY Cheyenne    KRAE  5k 1480
WY Laramie     KLDI  1k 1210

No Ivy League Pedigree. No pin striped advisors. No verbal affectations.
Roger Fredinburg remains, through several years of dynamic growth in
syndicated talk radio, as "regular" as the day he first met the
microphone. Every night Roger shares the richly textured stories of his
life and his buddies' lives, and the events that have served to
galvanize a point of view that keeps audiences in over 200 markets
tuning in every night for more from "the Regular Guy."

Listeners look forward to every last detail of Roger's colorful stories,
especially tales from all the different jobs he's had. From shoe shine
boy in his Dad's barber shop, to gas station attendant, to mill worker,
to used car salesman, Roger Fredinburg's credentials read like a
mimeographed flyer you'd find stuffed under your windshield wiper.
Unlike most talk hosts, Roger remains proud of his humble beginnings and
he frequently uses each unimpressive reference to illustrate his
populist points of view.

With both open line segments and guest interviews, Roger is great with
the special breed of callers this unique host cultivates. They trust
him. They listen closely. They catch hints of something great stirring
in the Regular Guy, such as his past political aspirations, and brief
stints in the corporate world. They jam the lines every night. 

In addition to Roger's trademark monologues, he books a wide variety of
special guests who serve to broaden the show and draw out more of the
many complex facets of the host. The Regular Guy goes out of his way to
find guests who are typically "not on the circuit." Although current
events and politics, are popular subjects, you'll hear Roger mixing it
up with muck-rakers who've developed interesting rantings on nutrition
and social issues, as well as other "regular" folks who've encountered
extraordinary events or circumstances in their lives. 

Roger Fredinburg has accumulated impressive shares in good sized markets
all over the nation. Contact TRN affiliate relations for more
information on you can add "Radio's Regular Guy" Roger Fredinburg to
your evening lineup. 

visit his site at http://www.regularguy.com  tell him you'll tune in to his shows

arnie lerma
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak
Secrets are the mortar, binding lies as bricks together into prisons for the mind
The internet is the Liberty tree of the 90's