FAQ for IRC Channel #ScientologyLIES2 on irc.scientologylies.com

we call #scientologylies2 "channel scientologylies squared..."

One line description: BY ex-members, FOR ex-members AND FOR THOSE who actively pursue making more ex-members of the scam called $cientology.


If I were Scientology:

a) I'd make sure that all the critics on IRC stayed together on one channel, on a channel whose name itself did not reflect badly on my scam.

b) I would pester anyone who was actively in Scientology's face in order to try to break thier spirit to fight.

c) I would make less of them.

d) I would trouble them with meaningless details, till the end of time.

e) I would parrot the cults dead agent packs.

f) I'd waste time with off topic drivel.

g) I'd make sure that no effective critics were ever 'opped'.

h) I'd also make the channel name #scientology SECRET, so it didn't show up in channel lists.

i) I'd physically surround known antagonists just like they did at that early picket in Clearwater.

j) I'd try to introduce "violent" sounding content on channel that would then be used by $cientology to provide "evidence" of "violent" intent.- whether by accident or contrivance this happenned to Bob Minton on #scientology with text from nick "Blitzkreig". Our weapons of choice in this war are crafted merely of IDEAS.


Required reading for partcicpants:

Joe Cisar's Pages on Counter Warfare

The Art of Deception. - This document is manditory reading for participants in #ScientologyLIES. Joe Cisar's and Scott Mayers versions at http://www.lermanet2.com/exit/ will soon become manditory after some of us finish reading them.

Now Scientology the name is a LIE, it infers substance where there is none. I find chatting on a channel named Scientology to be aiding and abetting Scientology.


ScientologyLIES is not a SECRET channel that doesnt show up in IRC channel lists.

It is an IRC Channel by Ex-members and in-scientologys-face ACTIVISTS for Ex-members and in-scientologys-face ACTIVISTS with which I hope to further the following purposes:

a) Ex-Member support [mental as well as otherwise ]

b) Exiting current members

c) Tactical planning and discussion of strategies to better expose Scientology.. to get this battle over with as fast as possible so the healing can begin.

e) Education

f) Litigation support services

g) Picketing

All LONG TERM participants in this channel must be ACTIVE PICKETERS or they will be subject to ejection from channel.

EXEMPTIONS to any FAQ requirment may be authorized by unanimous vote of ex-members with operator status.

Ex-Members are ENCOURAGED to Participate, I'd like to end up with an on line ex-member available for one on one real time exit counseling 24 hours a day.

A mailing list for #ScientologyLIES will also be created.

Anyone who actively pickets is encouarged to participate.
This means HOLDING a sign, not just 'being present' at a picket where others are holding signs.

Current or Exiting members are welcome and will be counseled by the designated exit counselor on duty in private dcc chat sessions one on one.

By unanimous vote of Ex-Scientologists with operator status certain players may be granted exceptions to participate.

Anon accounts will be required to register with Mr. Lerma after a short time on channel. You see if you don't trust me, I won't trust you. We are working out how this will work, but a drivers license copy and a phone call seems to work, but this is all preliminary until we learn more.

Channel participants with a +v have been CLEARED by channel operators. +v status is provisional for 10 days and may be suspended without notice, After ten days an on channel discussion is manditory, and a roll call vote, without objections must ensue for permanet status

Reproduction of Channel Logs : Reproduction of #ScientologyLIES logs is expressly FORBIDDEN, Logs on #ScientologyLIES are (c) by #ScientologyLIES - Exemption - Channel logs considered newsworthy MAY be posted and webbed IF the channel participants give UNAMIMOUS consent AND the persons discussed if not present to the express portion designated to be posted.

Q: What if people come in here knowing nothing about scientology?

A:. They will be taken into private dcc chat by the designated exit counselor on duty

If you dont like this, stay away.

Please direct coments and suggestions to:

Arnie Lerma 6045 N 26th Rd

Arlington VA 22207

703 241 1498

references at http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/me.html

Email me directly at : alerma@bellatlantic.net and use my following pgp key to send your authentication information to me, if you would like to be anonymous on channel thats fine, but you won't be with me. Considering the nature of the beast we have chosen to rhumbah with, this extraordinary concept is necessary.



Martin's Critical Rules: advice for would-be ars super critics

And now with Martin's consent, the will be basis for an evolving FAQ for IRC Chat channel #ScientologyLIES on UNDERNet servers

Info: this is a distillation of some of the things I've learned from making over 6,000 posts to alt.religion.scientology over the years; don't take it too seriously, and you'll be fine.

1. Don't say anything in email or on IRC or elsewhere that you wouldn't want to see posted to ars; things have a way of ending up out in the open via computer seizures, betrayal, or infiltration.

2. Never trust anyone on the net. When dealing with Scientology, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you.

3. Keep your sense of humour at all times; scn hates it when critics are happy and having fun.

4. Bite your tongue when you get mad; don't flame.

5. Get and use PGP for your computer files; you could be the next target of the Scientology goon-squad that seizes computers.

6. Use a killfile; ars can be an unreadable waste of time without one.

7. Get your questions to Scientologists answered; they're supposed to answer you per their own policy, not evade and dodge you as if they had something to hide.

8. Ignore all requests for cult secrets. The reason should be obvious to you, or you'll never make super-critic.

9. Don't use ars for your social life; make friends elsewhere. Ditto for the reason why.

10. Put a long, random password on your internet accounts using upper and lower case letters and numerals, eg: A7Yi81Ffi0, Q38nMh0XrP, uE5bS91lDs.

11. Get call display for your phone, put a password on your phone account with your telco, and consider getting an unlisted number.

12. Don't allow yourself to be pulled off topic into a long investigation of "not Scientology." This is one of OSA's favorite tactics.

13. Control the amount of posts you make; there's no need to reply to everything - someone will pick up that dropped ball. Read ahead and see if the point has already been addressed by another critic before doing a follow-up.

14. You can probably trust someone who is being sued. This operates on the theory that clams do not sue themselves, at least, not often.

15. You can probably trust someone who posts cult secrets. This operates on the theory that clams would not destroy themselves by exposing themselves to open ridicule. Also, it's said to "cave in" their "cases".

16. Be wary of the "critic" who does not make critical posts. If they do not firmly and repeatedly state their position on Scientology with actual posts, but only write about people and gossip in posts that do not contain sufficient "meat" in the form of hard-hitting critical information about the cult, question their motives for being on ars. This is not an ordinary newsgroup where everyone can just be taken at face value; some people here really do have an ulterior motive, believe it or not. See various plans to "handle" ars by scn, the techniques known as "dead agenting" and "third partying", for example.

17. Concentrate more on Scientology's criminal actions than their bizarre and insane believe system.

18. Beware the "interviewer", the "college researcher", the "journalist", the person who "just wants help with a family member in the cult", and other assorted trollers, time-wasters and cult information-gatherers. Long exchanges with an OSA rep are not usually fruitful - for you.

19. Be wary of anyone who says that "critics are no better that the cult", "critics stoop to the cult's methods", etc. or whose posts mainly consist of flames or attacks on ars critics, critical authors, well-known anti-Scientologists, or anti-Scientology groups.

20. Know them by their posts, webpages, pickets, etc.; if they aren't actively engaged in critical activities, then they aren't critics. This operates on the theory that clams will not be effective critics, at least, not for long.

21. Post death-threats and other abusive email to ars; don't suffer in silence. Turn the cult's attempts to shut you up around by showing the world what they do.

22. Add insults and labels directed at you to your .sig file as opposed to flaming back; make it a badge of honor that so many scns would call little old you so many nasty names and don't respond in kind - you're better than that.

23. Learn to send PGP'ed messages through chained anonymous remailers; proactively defend your free speech.

24. Know your stuff; if you're an ex-scn, post from your experience. If you're a non-scn, bone up on the critical books, the webpages, newspaper and magazine articles, TV shows, etc. Also, it wouldn't hurt to learn the language; being an effective critic means knowing your enemy inside out and using scn against them.


http://scientologysucks.lron.com Watch Xenu TV: http://www.xenutv.com Go to a protest in your area: http://www.xenu.net/picket/ Mr. Hamra said, "The Church of Scientology now had a database of information on every subscriber which included names, credit card info., credit reports, telephone info., computer info., who had referred them to Earthlink and who were their previous ISP providers." Mr. Hamra told me about the "other Earthlink building" which was next door on New York Avenue in Pasadena. Mr. Hamra told me that the other building was high security and is where Earthlink and the Church of Scientology did all the monitoring of the internet. - DECLARATION OF ROBERT J. CIPRIANO.

Ex-members please read Art of Deception and then 8Steps out.

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