NEWS - June 1999 - There are now, again,  TWO cases against Scientology in France for FRAUD, one in Paris and one in Marseilles!

Here are some paragraphs from the judgement passed in France in Feb, 1979, 
sentencing Hubbard to 4 years jail  for fraud; 3 other presidents from 
scientology France were sentenced 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year delayed 
(this one relaxed in appel court, 1980, without the other sentences been changed).

Sorry for the translation quality, it's already difficult to do it 
from english legal to french, but the reverse...

"Under cover of a non-lucrative association, presented as a 
"church", association whose purpose is only philosophical and 
religious, while that organism runs as an organized psychoterapeutic 
system and is hiding a commercial enterprise, well led and in full 
progression, publishing a lot of publicity under the form of leaflets, 
booklets, oral propaganda, etc....

Practicing fake personnality tests done by a staff without any 
qualifications, using outside of normal scientific conditions a 
device since long known and used, this device measuring a well 
known phenomenon, as it was 'invented' by the "religion's founder", 
and under the guise of a religious deveice..."

"By those methods, realizing a moral and intellectual pressure upon 
persons attracted by hope of a bettered personal balance... etc"


Whereas that is is well known that Ronald Lafayette HUBBARD, 
american citizen but no longer living in his country since years, 
has published there a book named "Dianetics..." and founded in 1954 
the "Church" of Scientology of California"; that he went then to St 
Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, to create the WWide 
headquarters of scientology; that under his own impulse was founded 
in Kopenhagen (Denamark) a publishing company, responsible to 
publish and distribute to every scientology "churches" from the 
countries where it disseminated, the various neeeded issues to 
propagate the scientology doctrine, and this, in exchange for 
payments , Hubbard getting indeed, by his "copyrights" , the royalties attached..."

" is nevertheless surprising to observe that HUBBARD 
believed good to create ... a true "code of offences" which 
can be committed by the scientology members, the severest 
ones being 'high crimes'..."

"Whereas LAARHUIS [ex-Paris' Org CO], during his first hearing, 
was wearing a marine's  officer uniform, that he made known, 
...that Hubbard was no more living into England, but on a yacht, 
that that yacht was owned by a Panamean Company created by 
Hubbard and his wife in Spain, that company having then been 
sold by Hubbard and wife to others, acting probably as figureheads,..."

"Whereas it appears that the various groups and scientology 
entities are forming a coherent body, perfectly organized..., 
strictly hierarchized, energetically governed, following 
strict and precise orders... this can't hide the real identity 
of the leaders, their activity, the control exerted on them and 
on the whole body of the group's followers, neither the use of 
some processes to get to the main wanted  purpose, that is: 
getting the most money possible for the movement..."

"Whereas that [enterprise] was doubled by another, 
... constituting de facto a commercial company..."
"That to try to hide profits, none apparent profits are done, 
but that the "reserves" are reinvested in buildings or other 
buyings ... that if needed it would be enough to quote the 
bulletin signed by HUBBARD (08.24.1965) from where it can 
easily be deduced that money is the main purpose of scientology 
leaders, Hubbard writing "Money's income are essential..."

"Whereas "auditing sessions" done with the e-meter , obliged 
also to establish veritable statements, whose contents should have remain secrete,...
that those content was nevertheless not made known to the "aud
ited" persons, but indicated on his files, to which only leaders 
and ethics officer were gaining access, this contituting between 
their hand a real possibility of pressure..."

"Whereas it is proven fact that that method's application 
was unable , used alone, to ensure the success in trade or 
in job, that it was in fact a mere hope of chimerical events, 
fallacious promises, those having done such promises being 
very aware that they could not be done..."

"Whereas all these conditions and constituting elements of 
the fraud are existing simultaneously and that the offence is characterized...

Whereas indeed that the "fruit" of the fraud was not a 
personal profit for [the three other sentenced scientologists],
but to the french group of scientologists, group which by a 
hidden line was transmitting 10% of the income to England, 

profiting then to Hubbard, who, despite every contrary apparences, 
remained the master of that very special "affair", though well hidden..."

"... the french group of scientology was presenting itself 
falsely, as it sells services ... and never its leaders did 
indicate that there was any possibility of failures..."



LAARHUIS, Henry, Willem, to 3 years jail and 15000 F amend,
Jacqueline V. to 2 years jail and 10000 F amend,

ANDREU George, to 1 year delayed jail [relaxed due to his 
youngness in Appeal Court] and 3000 F amend.
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A Graphical explanation of how the Scientology Fraud works is here