Scientology PIs send a Dead Agent pack to Nigerian Finance Minister at IMF 10/98
Author: (Bob Minton)
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:11:24 GMT

From: (Bob Minton)

Subject: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-1/4
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 19:11:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

A 14-page DA pack was delivered to my former partner, Jeff Schmidt, and the
Nigerian Minister of Finance in Washington, D.C., this week during the IMF
meeting. The DA pack was sent by Peter Franks, a private investigator for the
Church[sic] of Scientology working out of England, and was no doubt
hand-delivered by OSA personnel at the DC org.

The first part of the DA pack was a repetition of Stacy/shotgun posts that I
made to the internet on August 25. Further, there was the leaflet which was
handed out in the Boston financial district, linking Robert P. Smith with me,
that was posted to the internet on August 24.

The next section, which is quoted below, is a leaflet handed out during
pickets at the home of Selwyn Lewis, my other former partner in Capetown,
South Africa. In this latest "Trash the Critics" operation, the Church[sic]
of Scientology has said that the mere act of not providing them with
information about me makes Mr. Lewis a dishonest businessman who lacks

It is interesting to note that the Scientologists have decided to completely
trash the Nigerians. The purpose of this is clearly to drive a wedge between
Jeff and the Nigerian government in order to disrupt his business with them.
Further, Jeff will in turn put pressure on me, they hope, to get the
Scientologists off his back. In fact, this morning, Jeff told me, "You are
really making my life miserable."

Here is the text of Peter Frank's letter and the leaflet about Mr. Lewis. (As
you will see, the letter is clearly intended to drive a wedge between me and


October 5, 1998
Mr. Jeffrey Schmidt
for Hand Delivery in Washington DC

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for taking a few hours out of your busy day to talk to me. Your
information was very helpful.

Sorry I could not return your call last Friday. I understand you were to the
IMF meetings in Washington I wanted to get you some important information
concerning the most recent developments involving Mr. Minton.

As I could riot reach you at your London office, I have enclosed a package of
information for your use concerning the situation with Mr. Minton.

I am also enclosing his most recent Internet posting, which seems to have
distorted our meeting of a couple of weeks ago. This posting seems to support
your supposition concerning Bob's mental instability.

Please find the enclosed information which I trust you will find of
interest. Sincerely,

Peter Franks

London: 44 961881105


Robert Minton, a wealthy American with past business ties to Mr. Selwyn Lewis
of 232 Keoff Road, Clifford, Cape Town, South Africa, is a director and the
main financial supporter of an anti-religious hate group which mindlessly
attacks minorities.

Mr. Minton, along with Mr. Selwyn Lewis, accumulated his wealth through
conducted business transactions with Nigeria while it was under the tight
grip of military dictatorship. This same dictatorship has actively prevented
Nigeria from creating a democratic system in the country and has siphoned
billions of dollars from its people through criminal deals.

Although one of the richest nations in Africa due to its petroleum output,
Nigeria yet suffers from economic repression because of the greed and blatant
financial mismanagement by its rulers and their international banker friends.
The economic plight of the Nigerian people was created through a crushing
debt to foreign banks as a result of the criminal actions of foreign
capitalists who sought to exploit the people of Nigeria.

Persons such as Mr. Minton and Mr. Lewis later profited handsomely from
Nigeria's economic woes by further manipulation of the financial situation,
creating a secondary market to trade the huge debt of the country. These
secondary market financial dealings has not brought about an increase in
prosperity for the citizens of the country and the economic crisis is acute.
However, Minton and Mr. Lewis profited nicely and got out "while the going
was good."

Those who had the inside knowledge, and connections to government controlled
financial institutions, benefited in the foreign debt trading business. But
as events and statistics show, while millions of dollars were siphoned off in
"commissions" and lenders were forced to write off huge losses, the leaders
of Nigeria ignored the human suffering and misery of its average citizens.
Minton's money, made originally through dealings with corrupt government
officials in Nigeria now pays to create an aura of hatred and an agenda of
bigotry against minority religious groups.

Although Mr. Lewis is not involved in Mr. Minton's anti-religious hate group,
he has not been willing to disclose the full truth about Mr. Minton's
unethical behavior and shady exploits. Why not? This is not how honest
businessmen act, not how men of principle conduct themselves.

Reportedly, members of the Church[sic] of Scientology pointed out publicly
that Minton's instability could explode into violence. Minton confirmed these
fears only a few weeks ago when, accompanied by a mistress, he appeared with
a shotgun and fired at three Scientologists who were on the road in front of
his house. Then he bragged about the shooting on the Internet. Minton also
turned up outside the Church[sic] of Scientology in Boston and started
abusing staff and parishioners. When two Scientologists tried to stop him, he
physically attacked them. injured one and was arrested by the police. He is
now facing trial on the felony charges of assault and battery with a
dangerous weapon.

We demand that Mr. Minton and anyone who may be assisting him, such as Selwyn
Lewis, cease their unlawful acts and to use their wealth to help, not create

Free Speech and Religious Freedom Committee of the Parishioners of the
Church[sic] of Scientology

Yet again, Truth is stranger than fiction... when Scientology is involved.

Bob Minton

From: (Bob Minton)
Subject: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-2/4
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 19:12:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The next friends targeted in the Scientology DA pac delivered to Jeff Schmidt
and the Nigerian government are Keith Henson and Grady Ward. They even say
that Keith has the delusion of owning the internet and call Grady a
"proliferator" of pornographic materials. Shameless bastards.

Here is the DA section on them.

Keith Henson
Child Molester Uses Internet to Foment Hatred

Like many bigots who attack other religious organizations or racial
minorities, Henson has a shady history which includes sexual perversion and
numerous violation of the law.

Henson has never been a Scientologist nor has he had any contact with
Scientology other than hearing about it from a religious hate newsgroup on
the Internet. Henson's behavior belies his true motivation, which is quite
simply to deny Scientologists any rights of any kind which is what lies
behind his criminal actions against members of the Church[sic] over the past
two years. Henson has made it clear that he has delusions that he owns the
Internet and doesn't want members of the Church[sic] to use it as a forum to
stand up for their rights against criminal goons like himself and his
sidekick Grady Ward, a proliferator of pornographic and obscene matter on the
Internet. Both are creating hatred and bigotry and hatred through their
illegal and immoral acts on the Internet.

A first glance, it may not be apparent that Henson's own guilty conscience
motivates him to attack Scientologists who are renowned for their high moral
character. Scientologists lead drug free, ethical lives and specialize in
helping people where ever they live and work. It 'Is clear that because
Henson has a guilty conscience, he has directed his insane behavior against
the Church[sic] of Scientology. Only a raving lunatic would try and harm
Scientology or a Scientologist and Henson, its can be seen by a cursory
review is no exception.

For example, Keith Henson's first wife divorced him because he was I child
molester who caused untold emotional damage to his underage daughters by
sexually molesting them while married to his first wife. In an affidavit he
filed with the Arizona Superior Court, Henson's former wife (while
complaining about Henson being a deadbeat dad and the amount of funds she had
to put out as a result) complained that Henson was so irresponsible that he
had not even paid for the psychological counselling of his two daughters due
to Henson's molestation of them. His wife alleged, " .$6,000 has been owed
since May 1981 which includes Gale's operation and four-day hospital stay;
Valerie and Virginia for pulmonary problems and psychological counseling for
Gate and Wendy as a result of father's sexual molestation
of them."

A friend of the Henson's also testified in the case that: "Carolyn stated
that Keith had sexually molested his children and that if he did not come
back to Tucson for therapy he might be arrested. In all probability she felt
there would be a divorce. Several meetings with Carolyn occurred over the
next several weeks where she enumerated occasions of child molestation and at
this time she said she had money problems since Keith was not giving her
enough to care for the kids properly,"

Henson's behavior is nothing short of criminal and he should have been
prosecuted for it. Obviously he knows that an ethical group like the
Church[sic] of Scientology would never condone such behavior so he has tried
to belittle Scientology as much as possible to make the molestation of his
daughters seem insignificant, Readers should not be footed by this ploy.
Child molestation is a very serious criminal offense and is extremely
damaging to the victims.

Way before his "fatal attraction" style fixation with the Church[sic] of
Scientology, Henson displayed a history of going off on weird causes which
border on the bizzare. Henson has been involved for years with a group of
psuedo-scientific loons who bilk people out of money by convincing them to
take out insurance policies so that their decapitated heads can be frozen for
posterity in the hopes that someday science will be able to bring the person
back to life as a futuristic Frankenstein. This has lead to serious run-ins
with the law on different occasions. In one instance, an aging woman named
Dora Kent was taken off life support systems until she was on the verge of
death. She was then pumped full of drugs, had her chest cavity cut open and
had an open heart massage in order to keep the blood flowing to her head so
as to keep the cells alive for the decapitation and deep freeze of her head.
The only problem was that according to the medical examiners and county
coroner's office, Dora was not legally dead when the decapitation took place
and thus began an investigation into her possible murder.

Although Henson was not present for the decapitation, he staunchly defended
the members of the Alcor Foundation who were involved in the homicide after
the Riverside County Coroner's Office conducted two raids into the offices of
the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, looking for the head of Dora Kent and
other evidence. They did not find the head, which had been frozen and stashed
away, but found a cache of arms and medical equipment which came from UCLA.
The County's investigation lost steam when the main medical examiner who was
on the case died. Then there was the extensive illegal tunnelling which
Henson did at his house in Tuscon which according to documents filed in court
put his young children at risk. Henson's wife alleged that, "Due to the
extensive illegal tunneling done under the house itself, as well as a leading
roof and illegal electrical wiring being placed in the house by Respondent
(Henson), the house could be condemned at any time for various health and
safety violations by the City of Tucson."

According to Henson's neighbors who lived in Tucson near Henson, he and his
then wife were into drugs and were neglectful of their children who were
often taken care of and looked after by the neighbor. Henson has always been
more interested in seeing, his name in print than he is in trying to do
something constructive and worthwhile in his life. When he started abusing
the Church[sic] of Scientology, it was forced to take action. One example of
this was when Henson illegally began publishing the Church[sic]'s copyrighted
materials an the Internet and would not cease. This resulted in an
infringement lawsuit getting filed by the Church[sic] and Henson being
permanently enjoined from illegal copying and distribution of the
Church[sic]'s material. Henson lost the case resoundingly.

Henson also favors putting out obscene material on the Internet where it can
be accessed by children. This is evidenced in statements of support which he
has made to Grady Ward, a well known Internet pornographer and in statements
which Henson made in the media in favor of the defendants in a criminal case
against a California couple charged with peddling obscene material in July
1994. According to a news article in the Commercial Appeal on 18 July 1994
entitled: "Porn laws against computer graphics go on trial here," Henson said
he considers himself a strong ally, of the defendants.

Faced with the embarassing losses in court and being enjoined from further
pirating of copyrighted works of the Church[sic] of Scientology during the
last few months Henson has become increasingly violent, stating to a
parishioner that he would "gladly grab a torch and a pitchfork and go burn
down the nearest Scientology organization" as stated in a declaration. As
Henson also claims to be an expert in explosives and small bombs and due to
his unpredictable behavior and outright hatred displayed on the ARS and his
fixation on harassing the Church[sic] of Scientology, he has to be considered
a very troubled indivdual. Because of these facts, in October 1997, a
minister of the Church[sic] of Scientology, obtained a Temporary Restraining
Order in the Superior Court of California against Henson due to these past
threats of violence.

In a display of his obssessive nature, Henson chose to violate this
injunction, not once, but twice. Both times he was arrested and had to pay
bail to be released. On the second occasion, he physically assaulted the
person arresting him by biting him in the arm. There was a crime report filed
26 November 97 on this. Because of this, on December 2nd. 1997, a Temporary
Injunction was also issued in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court in Florida
forbidding Henson from coming near any of our Church[sic] structures due to
his violent behavior.

What friends I've got!

Bob Minton

From: (Bob Minton)
Subject: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-3/4
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 19:12:04 GMT
Message-ID: <>

With titillation galore, for some reason Scientology thinks the Nigerian
government is interested in their usual scurrilous statements about Vaughn
and Stacy.

Probably in a concessionary moment to the Moslem faith of the Nigerian
delegation, Scientology sought to soften their trashing of Vaughn and Stacy
by making such patently absurd statements as the following:

"This story is not an attempt to just trash the Youngs, but to provide an
accurate perspective from which to understand how they arrived at the point
where they abandoned their own spiritual enlightenment and turned to evil,
where they now find themselves in the pay of an extremely unscrupulous

attorney (who has been accused by a former associate of having sex with minor


Further attempting to justify their flagrant character assassination of the
Youngs, the Scientologists wrote that "No one wishes to see the Youngs
suffer. On the contrary they have been repeatedly warned against the course
they have embarked upon, not because of anything the church would do, but
because they are now driven by a mixture of hatred and greed and are being
trapped by their own destructive acts despite the pain it is bringing to
their lives."

Their DA section is shown below.


One of the most absurd falsehoods which Stacy Young once tearfully related to
a CAN audience several years ago was that the Church had attempted to break
up her marriage and was still somehow trying to do so, even while she and

Vaughn Were at a CAN convention. While this makes for a great cult victim
story, Stacy's story and reality are far apart. Telling a lie over and over
does not make it the truth no mailer how many people repeat it, no matter how
much sympathy it evokes.

Factually, Vaughn and Stacy's Young's own unfaithfulness and deceit toward
each other is the real reason their marriage was failing at the time this
statement was made and it would not be surprising if this same sort of thing
was going on today given their long record of unfaithfulness toward not only
each other, but to their friends, former spouses and family. This surely
cannot be blamed on anyone but themselves. Though Vaughn and Stacy have
glorified their departure from the Church for purposes of interest and to
enhance their ability to entice newspapers and magazines to pay them (mainly
the German publications), to any impartial observer it is certain that there
is two sides to every story. The other side of the story requires one examine
their history of betrayal in their personal relationships and in so doing a
strong argument could be made that the real story includes the factor that
Vaughn and Stacy failed to remain in the Church because they were continually
dishonest with others and with themselves. When the betrayal became too
great, and the Youngs lost for money overcame them, the only way to ease
their conscience was to belittle, ridicule to make it appear that they were
the victims.

One of the first problems the Youngs encountered while members of the Church,
was when they began a relationship by sexually cheating on their respective
spouses. This was hardly something which could be expected to be condoned.

Trust and loyalty are among the qualities most admired by Scientologists and
by many people. This quality is very important when one is helping another to
reach spiritual enlightenment through auditing in the Church and it is a very
important quality in any, civilized society. Despite this, the Youngs chose
to begin their relationship while Vaughn was receiving basic levels of
religious counselling from Stacy.

Unbelievably, the Youngs now promote themselves as "experts," yet, having sex
with someone whom you are supposed to be counselling is a grave ethical
violation and no "expert" would ever commit such a serious violation. If a
doctor were to do such a thing, he could probably lose his license and
certainly would not be considered an expert' in his field in a court of law.

Looking back on it, it is certainly not unreasonable to believe that they
should have been dismissed on the spot, However, the Youngs promised they
would reform and that it would not happen again. What compounded this
incident was that both Vaughn and Stacy were legally, married to others at
the time, introducing adultery into the picture.

This story is not an attempt to just trash the Youngs, but to provide an
accurate from which to understand how they arrived at the point where they
abandoned their own spiritual enlightenment and turned to evil where they now
I . find themselves in the pay of an extremely unscrupulous attorney (who has
been accused by a former associate of having sex with minor boys).

The main point of this is simply that the unfaithfulness in their personal
lives has been going on for a long time and extends through two marriages and
to the people the), were once friends with in the Church. (This incident was
not the first time Vaughn had committed adultery. While married to his first
wife, he had several extramarital affairs with women who were also married.)

Even so, despite how the Youngs now portray with heavy bitterness what
happened, they were not treated harshly by the Church over the matter but
were offered help to overcome their lapse in personal integrity. The evidence
shows that the stories the Youngs now tell are done to enhance their earning
power in collecting fees for being witnesses in court for opposition lawyers
looking to make a buck.

Instead of harsh treatment, the Youngs were given every assistance to resolve
the matter. Eventually they divorced their then-partners and later married
each other. Instead of learning from the harm which this sort of betrayal
creates for others, history would repeat itself after the Youngs left the
Church. While living high on the hog, earning thousands of dollars in witness
fees for bearing false testimony, against former friends in the Church
(testifying on behalf of a known lying criminal - Steven Fishman and his
wacko psychologist) Stacy became involved in yet another extramarital
encounter which resulted in a tubal pregnancy (not by Vaughn) which of course
necessitated considerable financial expense to the Youngs, for an operation
to terminate the pregnancy.

No one wishes to see the Young's suffer. On the contrary they have been
repeatedly warned against the course they have embarked upon, not because of
anything the Church would do, but because they are now driven by a mixture of
hatred and greed and are being trapped by their own destructive acts despite
the pain it is bringing to their lives.

As to Vaughn, he is also no stranger to this pattern of betrayal. Admittedly,
he began his road to infidelity with prostitutes and under-age girls. His
first dalliance was with a minor, with whom he had regular sexual relations
for four months. To many this sort of thing sounds harmless or the
tribulations of youth. However he did not stop in his Young. In another
instance, while a house guest of some friends, Young regularly peeped down
their young daughter's blouse at her breasts and took every opportunity to
rub her back, although he was a grown man. His behavior became so evident and
reprehensible, that the girl's parents threw him out of the house. The
question has to be raised, what the hell was doing that has never been found
out if he 'A was being so blatant with his friend's underage daughter?

Flaunting Church ethical principles, Vaughn secretly continued his deviant
behavior. On one occasion unbeknownst to anyone at the time, he misused his
position while working on a project out of town, to attempt to seduce a 16
year-old female assistant whom he had coyly arranged to stay in his hotel
room. The incident only came to light when the frightened and shaken girl
reported the incident to Vaughn's superiors: "I woke up about 3 am to find
Vaughn in my bed telling me he was going to rub my back He started rubbing my
lower back By this time I was getting very nervous and upset and not sure how
to get out of this tactfully. Then he stared to move closer to my chest and I
jumped up and said I had to go to the bathroom. He made a sound as if he was
asleep. When I got back he was in his bed, he reached over when I got into
mine and patted me on the head.

"I fell asleep - then at 6 am I woke up again to find him next to me - again
he was rubbing my back but his hand went up my shirt front. I shoved it away
and told him to get in his bed and let me steep. He turned over as if in his
steep and eventually went to his own bed. This time I was really scared and I
didn't go to sleep for one and a half hours."

Vaughn, who was 47 years old at that time, was shown this letter from the
girl and asked to respond. He claimed that she had awaken and that he was
only rubbing her back to put her to sleep, however his written statement at
the time belies what was really going on:

"I sat down on the edge of the bed and began to rub her back to put her to
sleep. I continued to rub her back and her breathing began to grow even. My
mistake was then not getting up. Instead, I laid down on my side, on the
right side of the bed, popping my head up with my right hand. She was now
laying on her stomach I rubbed her back and her neck for some time as I found
it relaxing also. I remember laying there just rubbing her back with my eyes

"As far as touching her breasts, she was on her stomach. I think twice I ran
my hand across her back (I had rubbed up and down and then went from one side
to the other) and then slightly down the ribs, I encountered what would be
the flesh side of the breast. I did not dally on it nor did I message the
side of her breast. I spent the time on her back and neck."

His flimsy explanation was not bought by his superiors, who had no other
choice but to remove him from his position. His attempted molestation of one
of the Church's members had been outrageous, What possesses a 47 year-old man
to make sexual advances toward a 16 year-old girl who has been entrusted to
help him its his assistant?

Rather than society's choice, which would have been outright dismissal or
possibly jail, Vaughn chose to enter the Church's voluntary rehabilitation
program. Today, Vaughn continually makes outrageously false statements about
alleged hardships he experienced while doing this rehabilitation program (the
RPR He of course leaves out the real reasons that he was sent to be
rehabilitated i.e. he could not be trusted to keep his hands of underage
girls and thus was potentially a threat to them and to himself. Perhaps the
smartest course of action would have been to dismiss him right then and be
done with it, but because Young wanted to remain, he was given the option of
proving he could manage to keep his unethical impulses in check and to
rehabilitate himself.

The real truth about the RPF, is that Young faked his way through and was
never honestly doing the program. Even so, what he is saying now about the
RPF is nothing like what he describes in his written report about how the
program was. Youngs wrote after completing the religious[sic] counselling
program which forms part of the rehabilitation program:

"so... to summarize it? -an amazing adventure into (and through) one's sell
its well as another and others.
"I wish all others similar gains and knowledge -' but done easier. One is
responsible for one's condition. And more. And more again.

"Pretty amazing stuff."

So the reader is not mislead, Scientology auditing is quite effective and
routinely produces miracles, however it requires one's active participation
and it is clear that Young was just not up to the standard of ethics needed
to ensure his own advancement.

In whatever way Vaughn's perverted behavior was being held in check while he
was a member of the Church, once he left and apparently the peer pressure
which was acting as a restraint on his anti-social impulses came off and
Young was left to his own devices.

This became evident when it was learned Young was in touch with a perverted
old woman who was publishing pornography on a BBS as a way to attract men
with whom she could have affairs. Regardless of his motive, Young started
editing hardcore pornographic material for a woman he met on a Computer,
bulletin board called "Easystreet," and whose computer name was "Redhead."

In one letter to Young, introducing him to her latest sex stories which she
was asking him to edit, "Redhead" described one of these stories as "a man I
was to meet and possibly have an affair with." and another as "a sex story
about a pre-teen." She credits Young for restarting in her porn- story
career, and wrote "the last two chapters (of the pre-teen sex story) since I
have been talking to you."

Vaughn's answer was to give her his telephone number and suggest times she
could call when his jealous wife was away. (Note, rather than face the
consequence of engineering an encounter with another woman and getting caught
in the act, Young has apparently convinced Stacy that this whole affair was
actually a set up and that his lapse in faithfulness was really something
which was staged by an investigator. Nothing could be further from the

Vaughn's activities are reminiscent of those of former CAN president, Michael
Rokos, who resigned from his position in October 1990, amid a flurry of
publicity exposing him as a pervert found guilty on the charge of "soliciting
lewdness." Cynthia Kisser, who tried to cover up Rokos' criminal conviction,
was the executive director of CAN at the time.

This story is only printed here to present perspective and to expose the real
motives of the Youngs. Since the Youngs chose any public forum to lie about
the Church of Scientology it is important to know that the are completely
mercenary and only do it for money. Just ask Wollersheim: he could not get
their help until he agreed to pay the Youngs $5,000 per month from the
FACTNet insurance funds.

Stacy and Vaughn currently live in Seattle. Stacy says their move was
motivated by family reasons and their own "Scientology affair." She even gave
her husband that as the reason when she moved there ahead of him. However, it
later came to light that her Northerly exodus was motivated by an affair of
an entirely different nature - one which she does not publicly discuss.

Following the same "auspicious" pattern with which she launched her marriage
to Vaughn, Stacy began an affair with Bob, the bosun of a cruise ship, while
on a trip to Mexico with her mother. Stacy began the sexual relationship,
unbeknownst to her mother, who later said, when asked about it, "That's
impossible, she's married!"

Bob's account of this meaningful relationship, however, is quite different.

"The ship usually had old women on it," he said. "Stacy was on board and she
wasn't wearing a wedding ring and she kept on flirting with me. When at sea
you get horny, and Stacy was an available and willing piece of ass." Stacy
explained she was married, but that she and her husband had an
"understanding." Though she kept saying how much she liked him, Bob let her
know he was only interested in a one night stand. A few months later, Stacy
went to Seattle where the cruise line offices were located, pretending to be
,vorking on an article for an LA magazines She interviewed everyone at the
cruise line office so that she could contact Bob again. When she did, she
told him again how much she liked him. Bob paid little attention to what she
said, but willingly accepted another opportunity to have sex with her in her
hotel room Stacy then moved to Seattle, and Bob spent several days in her
apartment. She told him she did legal work for her husband, a very successful
attorney and that she earned $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

She also kept telling him how much in love with him she was, and that she had
moved to Seattle just for him.

In a rare moment of honesty, she also admitted that she had become pregnant
after having sex with him the first time on the ship. At that point Bob ended
the meaningful relationship. The last time he saw her was in June 1994.

The story might have ended there but it did not. While the cat's away the
mice will play. And while Stacy enjoyed her infidelities in Seattle, Vaughn
was having yet another affair elsewhere.

Vaughn who was still living in California, took the opportunity to begin a
new affair. this time with a woman named JJ, who he met at a local spa, The
affair lasted for several months, and might have continued longer, had a by
now upset Stacy not insisted that Vaughn move to Seattle to be with her.

Vaughn's relationship with JJ was getting too out of hand, even for Stacy. JJ
flattered him and Vaughn talked about how she thought he was the best lover
and a great guy.

He claimed, however, that she was very shallow and they didn't have much to
talk about. But he felt that he had the best of both worlds - great sex with
JJ and intellectual conversation with Stacy.

But Vaughn was in a real bind. He didn't want to lose either one and had to
lie to both. He felt JJ was getting "really close" (she wanted him to marry
her - the other
side of the coin from Stacy's affair!) - and though Stacy knew about his
affair. he hid just how involved that relationship had become.

Stacy tried to accept all of this as a natural part of their "understanding,"
but in fact became very upset, as she was also aware of several other women
with whom Vaughn had had affairs during the same time period.

Stacy said that she would have been more worried about JJ if she didn't think
that Vaughn loved her, although she admitted being upset it away by saying
that Vaughn was simply getting in touch with his feminine side, which is a
phase some people go through.

Incredibly, Stacy has even given a tearful speech during which she has sought
to place the blame on the Church's doorstep for her marriage being on he
rocks several times even a fool can see that her own unfaithfulness is to
blame for any wedge that has been driven between them. The point of this is
not to embarrass the Youngs for being unfaithful, but rather to show, that no
matter what it is that has gone wrong in their lives, the Youngs refuse to be
responsible for the circumstances they find themselves in and to show that as
a matter of personal history, they call in no way be objective about their
pronouncements about Scientology or people involved in it. They can only take
their own impressions and artfully and purposely twist them to make them
sound as negative as possible as this is what they get paid for.

Although it is always regrettable to see any marriage in trouble, these two
have created their own problems.

End of histories.

Personal and confidential (Some people might think this means "Don't show
Bob." But Bob thinks it means "Show Bob.")

I told you, it just keeps getting better and better...

Bob Minton

From: (Bob Minton)
Subject: Scieno Assault: Trash the Critics and their Friends-4/4
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 19:12:09 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The final piece of this DA masterpiece from Scientology to the Nigerian
government and my former partner Jeff Schmidt is the flyer quoted below.

It should also be mentioned that Peter Franks, the English PI working for
Scientology, called a New Hampshire company in which I have a substantial
investment a couple of days ago. Jeff, who is also a partner in this New
Hampshire company, told me about this in Washington, D.C., this week.

It seems that the company involved is extremely concerned about being brought
into this ruckus with Scientology, and has informed Jeff that they must find
a way to buy out my interest in the company. Somehow, Scientology can't seem
to understand that I just love this boost to my liquidity. Who is the idiot
in OSA who figures this shit out? God, they're smart.




Robert Minton, a wealthy American with past business ties to Jeffrey Schmidt
of Hillsleigh International Ltd., has blatantly lied to the public and media
about our Church, the Church of Scientology, its members, its goals and

Minton held himself out on television and to the press to be an upstanding
individual. However, he has been using his many millions of pounds to force
his own bigoted views on the public by making false statements about our
Church and its parishioners. (Ironically, Minton is not and has never been a
member of our Church and has no personal first-hand knowledge of its
teachings and activities. He promotes an agenda of bigotry.)

Minton and Jeffrey Schmidt made a lot of money through Mr. Schmidt's
contacts, by helping the dictatorial leadership of Nigeria and other third
world countries to successfully default on multimillion pound loans. Those
who had the inside knowledge benefited in the debt trading business but, as
events and statistics show, while millions of pounds are siphoned off in
"commissions" and lenders had to write off huge losses, the leaders of
Nigeria ignored the human suffering and misery of its citizens. Is this how
men of principle act?

In the past two years, Minton has been using the wealth he ultimately
obtained at the expense of the Nigerian people and other third world
countries to try and suppress members of the Church of Scientology from
practising they way they chose.

Minton has become a director of an anti-religious hate group along with his
mistress, Stacy Young, and has shelled out over 2 million dollars to destroy
religious groups. Minton deceptively portrayed himself on television and to
the press to be a happily married family man while flying Mrs. Young to
different locations engaging in trysts.

We will keep the public informed about this situation and will continue to
speak out.

Free Speech & Religious Freedom Committee of the Parishioners of the Church
of Scientology

Bob Minton

Do you ever look at the turmoil that exists in the world and wonder if it could
somehow be better? Do you ever wonder to yourself "Why is the world in such a
mess?". Well, until Ron came along then many assumed that that question could
never be answered. Not for Ron though. Ron discovered the reason for the
suffering in this world of ours. He discovered that all the wars, the religious
fighting and disease had at its root a calamity of 75 million years ago. Ron
discovered that all of us are full of the souls of dead space-aliens called
"body thetans". These body thetans were brought to Earth 75 million years ago,
frozen in a mixture of alcohol and glycol after being tricked into attending
income-tax inspections and then they were transported to Earth in DC-8 space
planes. They were then chained around the bases of volcanoes and nuked, after
which they were gathered together and taken to cinemas to be shown pictures of
what life on Earth should be like.

They were imported. They were actually.. the trick was to shoot somebody,
disable somebody, very often a needle into a lung and at the same time to hit
him with frozen alcohol and glycol which preparation is guaranteed to pick up a
thetan. All they had to do was pick him up and put him in a refrigerator and
they had him, boy. If he tried to exteriorize from the body, there he was,

And they threw 'em into collection points, boxed 'em up in boxes, threw 'em
into space planes which were the exact copies of DC-8s, the DC-8 airplane is
the exact copy of the space plane of that day. And, no difference, except the
DC-8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't.

--- "Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII
series of lectures. (00:49)

Ron applied his scientific training to work out methods whereby people could be
freed of these "body thetans". After a great deal of research into the subject,
he devised simple and foolproof scientific techniques that effected their
removal. Hear then as Ron explains the ease with which he applied this
technique with success.

streaming | download - [sorry Feb 2002 - no longer available ]

I suppose the guy who has trouble running another thetan at that proximity
probably not very horse-powered or something of the sort. Well all I ever did
was a body Thetan was just think "go to the.. uh .. uh .. think Incident One
zoooom! Go through it, get your stop off you know", "Rmmm", he says "Rmmmm.
Zooooom! Hrrm. Hey that's mine!" he'd say. "I'm leaving!" I'd say "Good bye!"

--- "Assists" Lecture. 3rd October 1968. #10 of the confidential Class VIII
series of lectures. (00:34).

Ron also discovered that this calamitous incident, which he called "R6", was
not only the source of all illness but the source of the religious belief in
Christ, since after the space-aliens were murdered around the volcanoes with
H-bombs and then gathered together and taken to cinemas, they were shown
pictures of Christ. Hence the root of Christianity, as we know it, came from
the motion pictures these murdered space aliens (body thetans) saw 75 million
years ago. Ron explains.

Anyway, Everyman is then shown to have been crucified so don't think that it's
an accident that this crucifixion, they found out that this applied.

Somebody somewhere on this planet, back about 600 BC, found some pieces of R6,
and I don't know how they found it, either by watching madmen or something, but
since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity.

The Man on the Cross. There was no Christ. But the Man on the cross is shown as
Everyman. So of course each person seeing a crucified man, has an immediate
feeling of sympathy for this man. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are
Christ. Now, there's two reasons for that. One is the Roman Empire was prone to
crucify people, so a person can have been crucified, but in R6 he is shown as

--- "Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII
series of lectures. (1:01) [The part of the "Assists" lecture that deals with
this matter can be found in its textual entirety by following this link]

It is little wonder that Ron turned his attention to religion after making this
incredible discovery.