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3.2 A Look at at Some of Scientology's Practices

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What was Operation Freakout? This is an actual Scientology document that sets up a plan to freak out the author of a book that was critical of Scientology. This plan was actually carried out. This is taken from a post by wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell):

Operation Freakout, a plan to incarcerate (in jail or a mental institution) "PC" or "Mrs. Lovely" their frequent code name for Paulette Cooper. These pages consist of sample bomb threats by phone and mail which are supposed to trace back to her, plus a bizarre scheme to have a Scientologist pose as Cooper and crack up at a store near where she lived so that she would be committed.

In 1973, another frame-up scheme with bomb threats lead to the arrest and indictment of Cooper. The lower part of this page consists of a letter attached to Operation Freakout in which they state that they think this frame-up will work because it worked before and the FBI believes she sent those original bomb threats.

CD - 3
1 April 1976


To get PC incarcerated in a mental institution or jail, or at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks.


US B1 NE SEC working in liaison with OPS NAT (if needed).

To remove PC from her position of Power so that she cannot attack the C of S.

US B1 (WF) SEC Taking responsibility for the area working in liaison with OPS NAT.

Ops NAT responsible for the overall planning of this project, working in liaison with NE SEC ( *** needed for completion successfully of this Op).

OPS NAT responsible for any debugging of this project, necessary.

NE SEC and AG/I NY organization operating (with Info power pushing TGTS through to completion).


1) To recruit an FSM that looks like PC and to train her on this action. (AG/I NY)

2) To recruit an observation FSM to make a telephone call. No special requirements necessary except security. (And not PTS, AG/I NY)

3) To get "Pin Ball" FSMs or T.M. FSM to get familiar with PC to find out some of her clothes she wears particularly what sort of coat she usually wears and her general looks, hair etc. Also above FSM or FSMs will have to meet with PC when the OP goes down. (If possible, tell FSM to get a piece of PC's clothing, AG/I NY)

4) To get a cheap coat that is very similar to PC's. (AG/I NY)

5) To ascertain what PC looks like now, hair streaked? still skinny? etc. (AG/I NY)

6) To locate a laundry near PC's place and to make sure she isn't known there. (Cleaners, note must have clerk, AG/I NY)

7) To find out what PC is wearing the day of this action. And what her hair is like. (AG/I NY)

8) To have someone available to stake out PC when she leaves her place the day of the caper, to ascertain when she leaves, what she's wearing etc. (AG/I NY)

Attached Letter:



Dear Dick,

SITUATION: Cooper is still not terminately handled.

DATA: Cooper is getting her power back, attacking again.

Attached is approved Op Freakout. This additional channel (i.e. plan). Should really have her put away. Worked with all the other Channels.

The FBI already think she really did do the bomb threats on the C of S (Church of Scientology).

SOLUTION: OK this additional Channel.

This is OK______




Randy (R)

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Martin Hunt / / March 23 1997