The Lost Commandments

I am deeply disturbed by the escalation of the conflict between Pakistan and India.

During my own meditations I once asked "What message would you have me tell the world?"

I received this answer:

"Let no man interpret my word." and

"To each man, his own path to communion."

Please pause breifly and consider them for a moment before reading on.

These ideas would help put an end to the current Muslim / Hindu genocide, between two countries armed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, who are also both afflicted with burgeoning population growth.

India has already crossed that biggest line in the sand, that of first use of nuclear weapons by its own 400-million-strong-Hindu-religion’s classic sagas of epic warfare using city-leveling weapons. Use of such powers of mass destruction is a matter of religious "history"!

Religions’ interpretations of God's words, have for centuries created strife from Ireland to Bangladesh as each sought exclusivity to mediate access to communion with God.

I expect these ideas to be vigorously opposed by the "money-changers in the temple".

We have none of Christ's original writings or speeches, we have only 2nd hand stories about him. Perhaps we can now imagine why.

Was it because Christ knew this same message all too well?

"Let no man interpret my word" and

"To each man, his own path to communion"

Arnaldo Lerma

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