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"The Art of Deception

A true life novel.

Awakening 1992

There were five of us on the platform at the top of the storage tank. I had just been given a list of parts to retrieve. A ramp sloped down into a pool of murky light pink liquid. I took a breath through my skin suit, to ensure I could breath and walked down the ramp, entering a nightmare.

As a "go for" my job was to fetch. On this evening's list were: two elbow joints, one shoulder socket, two hip joints and a dozen fingers.. I walked along the bottom of the pit, grabbing the body parts I needed, bagging them and clipping the bagged parts to my belt. I could see four or five feet through the murk, the occasional pieces of flesh and skin floated in a slow macabre dance, in the dim reddish glow of the tanks.

Completing my assignment I walked slowing up the ramp, with the partially gelatinized soup sloughing off me. I shook myself, jiggling the bags of body parts. I saw the boss - the foreman of this tank's crew, a man whose expressionless eyes made you feel him think..

This was not going to be a good day. He was about to make his last reprimand. He thought I was too slow. We could all talk without words, thus planning required great discipline of mind. Three of us on the crew had further developed our ability to hear each other without anyone else reading us. In unison, with in the speed of the flash of a single will, we charged him, knocking him down, and began pounding our hard heels into his his body fluids began seeping into the tank, then I awoke...

Whoa. I poked my mate in the ribs. "Vicky wake up. I just had the strangest dream, I want to remember it. about a vat filled with body parts". Vicky opened one eye and mumbled "Yeah a vat filled with body parts, that's really weird Arnie, You are very strange, tell me about it later, and she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Three days later, I was sitting at the card table with Helen & Tory, friends of Vicky's who lived nearby. We were playing Hearts. I told the story about this strange dream, about the vats filled with body parts and soon they were looked at me, eyebrows raised, and said "That's very strange Arnie".

After about an hour playing cards the mail came. I tossed the junk mail in the trash and noticed one large brown envelope, postmarked from somewhere in New Mexico. "The Communion Letter", it said... I thought, "Hmm, I did NOT order this". I walked back to the card table and opened it..

The front page was a long narrative, about aliens and UFO's... but half way down the page I gasped. There was one line that shook me up as I read it.. "However, I find the reports of [b][color=indigo]vats filled with body parts[/color][/b] to be too outrageous to be believe" I placed the page face up on the card table, and while pointing at the line with my finger said, "Read this, right there..."

After reading it, it grew very quiet and not much was said for the remainder of the afternoon. That was, also, last time they came over to play cards with us.

Now dear reader, you must understand that long ago I had ceased my youthful quest for the TRUTH. After the sad disappointment of spending ten years in a trance called Scientology, I had decided that some questions were better off not asked, as there were too many snake oil salesman crooning that they had the real answer. In Scientology, I became convinced, that I had access to all the answers of the universe. And every one you meet today is sure they know the truth, with such self assurance that will not even look at evidence to the contrary.

I was sure that everything I needed was there, that all I had to do was work very hard, study very hard, and someday I'd attain some super-duper state of consciousness. The realization that I had been betrayed - and had been betrayed for the money, and to make me a willing slave to the technology that was presented as a Bridge to Total Freedom - left a very bitter taste in my mouth. So much so that I gave up all spiritual quests, and was trying to be just a regular guy, living in his little hut, around a clearing called a cul-de-sac in the lovely rolling hills of Virginia.

We can debate chance and odds, with all due respect to my friends at Skeptic Magazine, but at this instant, this serendipitous happening, as I read that extraordinary line about "vats filled with body parts" , I was shaken.

I was still fresh from dreaming it, with a witness I told about the dream, and witnesses who saw me open the envelope, because I wouldn't have believed this happened today, without the witnesses who there listening that day..

It was at that moment, that I felt a tap on my shoulder. An invisible light tap. Saying, "Hey you, yeah you... you're up, you're at bat, it's time for you" And I thought, "To what?". Okay, maybe I hadn't been sleeping well, but I started at this time to consider that perhaps there was something out there. That I was more than just a body. I felt an inner surge, a reawakening of something that I'd tried long ago to forget. That there is more going on than just what is visible to the eye of man. "

Dot #2

Scientology raided remailer in February 1995

see wired magazine dec 1995

What if the description of why they raided them was contrived?

see dan garvin

What if it was for another purpose?

Dot #3 Hubbard says: Jesus is an implant

Dot#4 Freewinds corporation is named

Majestic Cruise Lines

Dot#5 Hubbard causes people to relive painful times in their lives, to go back in their heads and relive those painful expereinces..Hubbardrules by FEAR...

Dot#6 Signs in the desert visible from the air

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