What is Scientology?
Lermanet Answers

L. Ron Hubbard defined Scientology as many things, ranging from a panacea for whatever ailed mankind in the past to a system for developing new solutions in the future. In practice, however, Hubbard's publicly distributed definitions of Scientology are meant to distract attention from Scientology's basic functions.

Although certain of the above functions rightfully apply to any social organization, in Scientology's case these functions are combined to gain concessions greater in both quantity and magnitude than goods & services provided. Due to this uneven exchange rate, Scientology exists not on a social basis, but within an authoritarian hierarchy.

These pages illustrate the methods by which Hubbard's organizations distract the public eye from their real functions. The idea, from Hubbard's point of view, is that once a person crosses the threshold from skeptic to believer, even in one small instance, that person is susceptible to possible indoctrination. The more of Hubbard's myths a person believes, the more the person will reject his or her own education, upbringing and judgment. The more dissatisfaction with one's own situation one has, the more a person is willing to pay for Hubbard's alternatives to education, upbringing and judgment. Methods illustrated include:


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