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Konrad Aigner

If you have Real Video, you can download and play this ram file of the Konrad Aigner video. Note: this video is in German. Total space required for the file below is about 1.35 megabytes, (8 minutes playing time).
stern.rm (German)<= deutsch November 18, 1998

If you don't understand German or don't have Real Player, here is the transcript to the show in various formats:

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Germany, SAT-1 channel, Sunday night April 19th 1998.
A Bob Minton Show

A 30 minute documentary shot in Clearwater, other Florida locations, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and New Hampshire about the cult of $cientology. Many alt.religion.scientology regulars are featured. But most importantly, the star of the show will be "the worlds fastest dissolving religion." The show is presented in two parts. The title of the show is: "US-Millionaire fights Cult - Crusade against Scientology."

Part 1 in English -- in German --> Minton Show 1. Teil auf Deutsch.
Part 2 in English -- in German --> Minton Show 2. Teil auf Deutsch.

The real video file of this show is available from Anti-Cult's Excellent Video Site.

With Lawrence Wollersheim, Arnaldo Lerma, Scott Mayer

Here is the German/English transcript to a taff video made in 1997. (35k)

Perfidious Propaganda
The Scientology March in Berlin

Here is the German/English transcript to a Southwest Broadcasting video made in 1997. (10k)

You can also download the 10 minute real video.

The Dark Side of Scientology - April, 1997
"Die Dunkle Seite von Scientology"

English Transcript only -- in German --> Deutsche Abschrift
A shocking documentary with a tragic hero.

A partial English transcript with pictures can also be found at this site.

Embarassing Episode in Switzerland

A German Constitutional Protection Agent was caught in Switzerland. He was trying to get information about Scientology across the border.

This is the GERMAN LANGUAGE 652K *.rm Real Video file. It is just a few minutes playing time.

Here is the German/English transcript to the above video clip. (11k)

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