Does John Travolta have supernatural abilities, too?

Frankfurt New Press
April 4, 1998

by Helmut Rather

Producer Allan Carr knows today that John Travolta is a bigger attraction than ever. That was his main argument for initiating the re-release of the 20 year old hit "Grease" last year. And he was right. The first weekend the nostalgic flick came close on the heels of the unstoppable "Titanic", second place at the US box offices.

One week earlier, Travolta's latest film had taken second place: "Primary Colors," the satire about the sexual and peculiar adventures of a Southern governor, who fits President Bill Clinton to a tee. Shortly before, the part Italian movie star had appeared on the screen as a hostage taker. In "Mad City" he played an unemployed museum guard who threatened a school class in order to get his lost job back. The socially critical film by Constantin Costa-Gavras even impressed the critics, but was not a big public success. Nevertheless, there is no question: the 44-year-old Travolta belongs, for the time being, to the quite small group of Hollywood superstars.

After several artistic and commercial flops in the 80's, this leads the man back to his firm belief in the principles of the Scientology sect, which is under surveillance by the Office of Constitutional Protection in Germany. When he received a "Golden Globe" several years ago for his roll in "Get Shorty", he did not thank his mother or his producer, as did other recipients. Instead he quoted the Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, "No man can be happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without believing in his ability to reach this goal."

Backstage he announced his interest in filming Hubbard's science fiction book, "Battlefield Earth." That has not yet happened. But critics believe that other Travolta films in the past years contain secret messages from the sect. Such as in "Phenomenon", about a man with supernatural abilities, or in "Michael", an abstruse archangel film. In the meantime, Travolta gives many interviews at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. In case Hollywood decides to also re-release "Saturday Night Fever" from 1977, the star, who was then thin with beaming blue eyes, will surely make the Scientology Church more attractive. Love, music and religion are an extremely attractive combination for millions.

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