Superman in two Lessons

Wednesday, January 9, 1952

Der Spiegel




Gifted charlatans such as L. Ron Hubbard, the father of Dianetics, have recognized that a potential mass market exists over here. Therefore they strive to put psychotherapy on an assembly line, as for example the "Dianetic Auditor", which as the sole bible for Dianeticists ("Dianetics" by Ronald Hubbard), is to have been "thoroughly understood."

The birth of Dianetics, the "modern science of mental health" has been extolled by its founder as a "milestone for humankind which is comparable to the discovery of fire." Dianetics is an esoteric potpourri of modern psychotherapy and has raged epidemically for some time in the USA. It teaches, among other things, that the most important "Engrams" (trauma) occur before birth, and that if 24 of these prenatal shocks are "neutralized", neurosis can be eliminated.

Last year in Hollywood one could see members of the film aristocracy cower upon their couches in the natal position and "relive their births" in order to neutralize their prenatal shocks. In the meantime the interest in the Dianetic method has somewhat waned. But there are still several medical doctors putting in an appearance -- renegades in the camp of the Dianetic freebooters. The demand is still great enough to assure the Dianetic "auditors" a fee of ten dollars per hour.

Whereas the "listeners" themselves, the plebes of the psycho-quackery [who are not Dianetic "auditors"], must content themselves with receiving an hourly fee of three dollars.


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