California Representative on Enquete Commission

Washington, February 27, 1998 (AFP)

Tom Campbell, congressional representative from California, has characterized his talk with the German Bundestag's Enquete Commission about Scientology as a helpful contribution in regards to the claims which have been made against Germany. The meeting on Wednesday was open and objective, without diplomatic embellishments, said the Republican on Friday to the AFP news agency. It was finally made clear to him that the German courts have decided once and for all that Scientology does not have a religious status.

To his question as to whether children in Bavarian schools were warned about Scientology and whether they were trained in recognizing distinguishable physical characteristics of Scientologists he had at first received no answer, said Campbell. This idea was apparently also new to the delegation from Bonn.

The representative said that for years he has agreed with the majority of his colleagues in Congress not to judge Germany based on Scientology. "I've found that America must first give our friend and ally the chance to be heard, first-hand," explained the Catholic representative.


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