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In an on-going attempt to familiarize myself with the German language, I had subscribed to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung," (SZ) an international newspaper with offices in Munich, Germany, but distributed in the U.S. at the time by "German Language Publications" in New Jersey. In January, 1997, I read of the "Open Letter to Chancellor Kohl" signed by Goldie Hawn and other Hollywood celebrities, in which an analogy was drawn of Scientologists in today's Germany to Jews in Hitler's Germany.

From the tone of the 1997 SZ article about the letter to Chancellor Kohl, I was concerned that the German readers, who would not be that familiar with Scientology, would uncritically accept what Goldie Hawn was telling them as true. So I wrote to the editors of "Sueddeutsche Zeitung." To my surprise, they published my letter in the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung," circulation 1.4 million. Also to my surprise, my comment, published January 29, 1997, is apparently applicable in the halls of the U.S. Congress today.

"The Scientologists compare the Federal Republic of Germany to Nazi Germany and themselves to the Jews. This comparison is a real-life example of the tendency of the Scientologists to see Hitlers everywhere, not only in Germany, but wherever they are withstood."

The assertion that Scientology "sees Hitlers everywhere" is not an empty allegation. Bridge Publications, a Scientology organization, is using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to purge copies from the internet of a "Secret Guardian Order" written by the Scientology founder on May 6, 1971 which leaves no doubts that, for Scientology, "Naziism was continued on three networks as a means of world conquest." As a result of this "working hypothesis," persecution of alleged enemies is an integral part of the Scientology.

The following are excerpts of a document seized by U.S. law enforcement officials from the Church of Scientology:

From page 1 of 4
First of all, here is the title, which contains the identification of the document, and the statement that hypothesis and theory mean the same thing.

From page 2 of 4
This lists exactly what the Scientology working theory is. This is the essence of this document which explains the above quote, that Scientology does see "Hitlers" everywhere.

From page 4 of 4
This states why Scientology's working theory is very much in use today in "the creation of a saner planet." The writer of the document, L. Ron Hubbard, acknowledges in this section that his theory may not be agreeable with law enforcement officials.

Finally, a statement of continued intention as far as the theory goes. This issuer of this document is L. Ron Hubbard, the founder and sole prophet of Scientology. He is the one whose writings, such as this, are regarded by Scientologists as sacred scripture which is not to be desecrated by mortal eyes such as yours or mine. From the above statements, now you can see why.

The following is proof provided by a Scientology organization called "Bridge Publications" that the above "Secret Guardian Order" is the real thing and not a fake:

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                        GUARDIAN ORDER
                          S E C R E T

GO 060571 LRH                                      6 May 1971

                     WORKING THEORY

     What is called an "Intelligence Hypothesis" (working
intelligence theory for a given situation) is of vital 
necessity in extending an org's reach and economizing on
action and work while increasing effectiveness.


That means Scientology's "Bridge Publications" is trying to prevent the free dissemination of the "Secret Guardian Order" even though it is part of a set of documents which "in the possession of anyone but the district court, the government, and Scientology may be freely disseminated." - from the Appeal of the Church of Scientology

As evidence that Scientology does actually pursue its working hypothesis as described in the above "Secret Guardian Order" and that the working hypothesis is not merely a "religious belief," you are invited to peruse actual Scientology operating orders seized by Greek law enforcement officials. Notice these are dated September 2, 1995, which is AFTER Scientology was recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt religion. The operating orders were to be carried out by the Scientology Office of Special Affairs, which is the successor organization to the Guardian Office.

Project 558:

A full page advertisement in the New York Times (estimated cost $50,000) on September 22, 1994 by the International Association of Scientologists (IAS). About 20 of these were placed by the IAS in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune at an estimated total cost of over $1 million. Scientology does, indeed, "see Hitlers everywhere" it is resisted.

Here is an index to Scientology's vast array of anti-Germany pages. However, there seems to be no evidence of widespread discrimination against Scientology in Germany (comparable to the evidence of discrimination against African-Americans in the United States, for instance) which is admissible in international courts in Europe. Two cases in point are: SCIENTOLOGY KIRCHE DEUTSCHLAND e.V. against Germany and
Wolfgang, Ingrid, Maya and Iris KELLER against Germany.
Search for yourself at the Council of Europe.

Have a nice day.

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Subject: "Radio Free Scientology"

Back in the days of the Cold War, the US, among others, sponsored an operation called "Radio Free Europe." It was meant to counter the Soviet communist "truth", which they called Pravda.

Radio Free Europe was broadcast from strategically placed stations so that it could be easily heard from behind the Iron Curtain. People in the communist countries would tune in whenever Radio Free Europe broadcast.

Soon the communist dictatorships found out about this and set up blocking stations, which were stations which broadcast static on the same frequency as those used by Radio Free Europe. This was done in an effort to prevent people from hearing news from the "decadent" west. It was similar to Scientology's spamming of the Internet.

Radio Free Europe got around this by periodically changing location and or frequency. Eventually, though, even the top communist leaders tuned in to Radio Free Europe, because that was the only place they could get reliable information, the same as Scientology leader David Miscavige reads the Internet whenever he wants to find out how Scientology is really doing.

This is where a Scientologist can learn that truth is free.