On September 10, 1998, Scientologist Frank Ofman assaulted freedom of speech protestor Bob Minton in Boston Massachusetts. What is the matter with Scientologist Frank Ofman (wearing the white shirt at left)? Is he drunk? High? What is he hooked on?

Both gambling and the drug/alcohol industries have admitted they cause social problems. They have admitted that because of public outcry and government regulations.

However, even though organizations such as Scientology, which sell psychologically addictive treatment, are gaining rights and privileges never before seen by any religion (such as tax exemption for money spent on religious training), they still hide their commerce behind the word "religion." One way these organizations engage in business without appearing to do so is to redefine the word "donation."

A donation is normally thought of as money voluntarily given with the expectation of receiving nothing in return. Scientology has changed that with the "fixed donation" - money received in return for its goods and services. The difference between a "fixed donation" and a payment is that a payment is subject to tax and regulation, whereas a donation is not.

This little bit of deception is only the starting point. Cult professionals do not deny that the services which they sell to the public for money have resulted in the destruction of people, families and businesses. They prefer to defend themselves using the shield of "religion" and to go on the defensive by using recriminations.

Have you ever wondered what the people who drive into the Scientology "Church" are doing in there for hours on end? They are not attending church "services," but paying money in exchange for services. In Scientology's case, the service consists of a person learning how to program himself to think, act and behave. People are taught not that Scientology is one of the ways to salvation, but that Scientology is the only way to salvation.

That is the way somebody can be psychologically deluded by Scientology into cutting themselves off from reality, the way Scientologist Frank Ofman did.

By the way, Scientology is also getting political. Urge your congress person to vote against the Scientology bill, H Con Res 325. House Congressional Resolution 325. Germany believes that Scientology is a commercial, psychologically-addictive, totalitarian business (sort of like Nazism). Scientology hired a lobbyist to get a bill introduced in Congress again this year; last year it was defeated. The bill states that President Clinton should condemn Germany for religious persecution. Vote AGAINST this bill. (Anti-Scientology info can be found at http://www.xenu.net, Free internet book download at http://cisar.org/trn2000.htm)

I handed out about 80 of the above flyers in between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. September 19, 1998 at the Scientology organization in Washington, D.C. The Scientologists inside of the Scientology organization were not amused. They sent out Thierry Duchaunac to try to catch me off guard. I recorded what he said...

  • "Moron" (Come on, Joe. C'mon. Be a moron like you are. C'mon. Yes you are a moron.) (107k)

(The picture at right is a year old. He is grayer and thinner now.) Thierry is a top level Scientology man at Washington. I read that he states he is just a public Scientologist. However, I saw him during a picket off to the side where he would not be so easily noticed. He appeared to be identifying picketers as he was talking into a cellular phone. Why would he report on the picketers via cellular phone to Washington when all they had to do was look out their front window? From his nobody-can-touch-me attitude, I'd say he was reporting higher up the Scientology food chain. Feedback indicates that Thierry has been picked up by the police for this sort of thing before. He was harassing German reporters outside of "JIMDBB's" home. Here's another picture taken by some German reporters who were being harassed, and who say that Thierry is likely to have been involved with the disappearance of some Swedish NOTS.

Picket Report, Washington, D. C., Saturday, September 19, 1998, 9:30 - 12:30

This was my one and only solo picket. I wanted to find out if Scientology really would get abusive if there was just one picketer. In that respect I was not disappointed.

I started out at 9:30. The Scientology organization in Washington is on a corner. I picketed the street which had the most traffic. One side of my sign, in very large letters, said DOUBLE CROSS along with a symbol which looked similar to the Scientology cross. The other side was my good old reliable TRUTH IS FREE, RELIGION IS FREE, SCIENTOLOGY IS *NOT* FREE.

I am beginning to recognize the locals now. They were the ones who burst out laughing at my "double-cross" sign. If a person looked puzzled at my double-cross, I figured he was not a local, so I just turned my sign around so he could see what I was picketing.

The first Scientologist to greet me from the "Org" was an apprentice and her handler. What they are being taught to speak is, "Have you ever *read* a book about Scientology?" She asked that question really well. Her trainer should have been proud of her. I hope she got a big "win."

After a while there were a couple of Scientology guys I recognized from before, but this time their TR's were "out." They looked like they had hangovers. "Have you ever *read* a book on Scientology..." ...

Finally came the man who I used to refer to as the gray-haired gentleman (Thierry Duchaunac. See above). After today, however, I can assure you that he is not a gentleman. Either he has a Scientology "button" on the word "moron," or he thinks I do! He called me "moron" repeatedly, but let me ask you something. Who was out there calling names?

Let me take a quote out of the flyer I was handing out. It has a xeroxed picture of Scientologist Frank Ofman striking Bob Minton and says:

"On September 10, 1998, Scientologist Frank Ofman assaulted freedom of speech protestor Bob Minton in Boston, Massachusetts. What is the matter with Scientologist Frank Ofman? Is he drunk? High? What is he hooked on? Both gambling and the drug/alcohol industries have admitted they cause social problems...."

It was not rational for that 60 year old Scientology man (referring to Thierry. See above) to come out on the street and start hurling disparagements. That is what I would expect of an old wino or junkie. That guy does not get his confidence from a bottle or needle, but from from the knowledge that he knows how to exert undue psychological power on people, i.e. catch them off guard. The more people know about Scientology, the less he can catch them unawares. No wonder he was mad! Apparently Scientology is creating a new synthetic type of schizoid paranoia.

When I was getting ready to go home, the local "OT" (white man with dark hair and a mustache, late thirties, carrying a phone on his belt, red Starky's coffee shirt, Lee?) came out and honored me with his presence. What he had been taught to speak was, "Have you ever *read* a book on Scientology?" and "Why are you wasting your time?" I guess since OT's pay all that money, they get to ask that extra sentence.

I am glad I went. Every time those Scientologists come out of their so-called "church" and start frothing "tech", I remember what it is I am picketing. Next time I'll bring a watcher or co-picketer(s).

For comprehensive world Scientology picket info: http://homepages.skylink.net/~teddy/picketpage/picket.html.

For information on Scientology: http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/index.html.