2-16-04 USA - Study shows Americans takes Bible literally [more]
2-13-04 Belorussia - American Senator gives speech about human rights violations [more]
1-15-04 USA - Population statistics by religion [more]
12-11-03 USA - Neo-nazis edging out racists [more]
1-8-04 Guatamala - Mormons seized and murdered [more]


12-18-03 Cisar - Stuttgart Fujitsu [more]
6-23-03 Gandow - Notes on Desertion, Denunciation, and Scientology [more]
11-25-03 Zwickau: Looks like Phil was right [more]
6-6-02 Police in Utah search for 14-year-old girl, who was kidnapped from her own bedroom [more]
3-13-03 Kidnapper of 15-year-old American girl called himself "minister" [more]
3-19-03 State attorney does not believe renegade Mormon's declaration of love for 15 year-old American girl [more]
8-29-03 Parents force children into ritual sexual abuse [more]
8-27-03 Boy dies during forceful liberation from evil spirits (exorcism) more
June 11, 2003 A quarter million reasons Bob Minton is not on the "other" side
Announcement: Operation Clambake's Andreas Heldal-Lund wins International Award

April 19, 2003 Reality Check on Fundamentalism, ultra-Orthodox, etc.

October 9, 2002 Freedom: Does Money buy Truth? Germany
March 3, 2001 Comments on US State Department report about Scientology's rights in Germany
October, 2001 Comments on US State Department report about Scientology's religious freedom in Germany
September 19, 2001 Volunteer Ministers Scientology salvation at ground zero

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