Charges against Scientology in Florida
After the death of a sect member

From: "TAZ Nr. 5687"
November 16, 1998

Washington (taz) - After a two year investigation Florida's criminal investigative offices have brought charges against the Church of Scientology. The charges are abuse and neglecting to aid as well as unauthorized practice of medicine. These result from the death of Lisa McPherson, an adherent of the Church of Scientology, who had died after an accident in the care of the sect. After a traffic accident, she got out of her car, took off her clothes and talked in a confused manner. She was to have gotten psychiatric care at a nearby hospital. However, Scientologists brought her to a hotel owned by the sect, where she remained under their care. She died 17 days later as a result of malnourishment and dehydration.

The maximum punishment in a finding of guilty is a fine of $5,000, however the court can also decide upon confiscation of the property of the church.


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