US Congressional Representatives back Scientology

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Saturday, 8. August 1998, 01:10

Germany condemned in resolution for disregard of religious freedom

Washington (AP) 53 representatives of the US Congress signed a resolution in which the German administration is to be condemned for disregard of religious freedom. In the statement from Friday the US State Department's Human Rights report is quoted as saying the Scientology organization is discriminated against by the administration in Bonn. It states, in addition, that the Parliamentary Enquete Commission had also gathered information on Mormons, Jehova's Witnesses and other Christian religious communities which could lead to discrimination.

Scientology is recognized as a church in the USA. In Germany the organization is regarded as a commercial business which takes vigorous action against critics and which financially exploits its own members. Coalitions and the SPD requested that surveillance of the organization be continued by German domestic intelligence. The German Parliament received the final report of the Commission in June, which stated that other so-called sects and psycho-groups are not dangerous.

According to Scientology, its 30,000 members in Germany are persecuted and suffer disadvantages in the work place. The organization has eight million members world wide. On Monday Scientology plans a demonstration in Frankfurt against its treatment by the federal administration.

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