From: International Scientology News 11/99 page 20

11th anniversary of the Freewinds' maiden voyage
IAS: Clear our way to a better world

While the WIS? crusade, financed by the IAS, is moving through Europe, victories over suppression are leveling the path for the truth to land on open ears

As it has become a tradition at the annual IAS Patrons Ball on the cruise celebrating the occasion of the maiden voyage, the IAS members were informed about the most recent victory over suppression and the enormous progress that we are making in bringing the truth to society.

As Mr. Mike Rinder talked about our wins in past months he said, "While others look on and dodge the suppressives who are striving for domination and control, we look them in the eye, knowing full well that SPs cannot tolerate the voice that confronts them with their own crimes and then says "no."

He then spoke of our untiring efforts to protect our technology on the internet from SPs who think that they can steal our material and then " hide behind the anarchy of the internet." He reported of the five cases which were brought before the American federal court to set precedents and create protection and had the following results, "Every case was settled successfully. Every wrongdoer has been contained, and there are a series of federal court orders which protect the purity of Scientology."

Mr. Rinder also emphasized how, through these cases, not only had the responsibility of the lawbreakers been established, but also the responsibility of the people who provided access to the internet. "If, in the future, someone violates our copyrights, we do not need to take on attorneys and go through long court proceedings, because the Justice Department of the American government will do all the work and punish the wrongdoers."

There were numerous other examples of the many wins against SPs, including a win from Switzerland which showed how things had actually changed, "In May, two Scientologists appeared in court in Switzerland. The proceedings had started with a family quarrel in 1993. The relatives had already resolved the problem a long time before, however, an SP state attorney absolutely wanted to bring Scientology to court. The state attorney received his first surprise, though, from his only witness, and she was the sister of one of the Scientologists and the alleged victim in this case. She said that she did not want to have a bad conscience and she had decided to tell the truth."

"She said that the Scientologists, and especially her brother, had much helped her. Because of Scientology she was in a good way and had put her life in order and could solve her own problems much better. The state attorney practically fainted. The only other witnesses were Scientologists. They gave the judge a copy of 'What is Scientology?' and testified as to the importance of religious freedom. Three days later, all charges were dropped. The court stated that it felt honored to exonerate the Scientologists, and that the state would pay the court costs."

Then he described further incredible wins in Italy and Germany and described how history was unfolding in Europe. He also gave specific examples of how others who were active in the area of human rights and religious tolerance recognized our contribution, whereby freedom would be secured for all.

Besides that the astonishing reaction to the publication of the book "Scientology: theory and practice of a current religion" - from Sweden to South Africa and all the way to Moscow - was mentioned. What said the most was probably the fact that a delegation from the Venezuelan Justice Department came to Los Angeles for guidance from our Church. That happened after the announcement of the March 15 event of how this book had helped to achieve religious acknowledgment in Venezuela.

Mr. Rinder also covered many of the incredible wins from Greece, the country in Europe, next to Yugoslavia, which has the worst history of religious discrimination. The situation has indisputably been changed by having this new book in the possession of opinion leaders, as was clearly visible in his briefing.

And so that our Torch of Freedom would continue to burn bright in all of Europe, he reported on the success of the 1998 European Marathon for Religious Freedom ....

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