Paris/Los Angeles
September 21, 1999

Paris/Los Angeles The Scientology Organization intends to bring charges against France before the UN Human Rights Commission. The trial opened on Monday in the southern French city of Marseille was a violation of the European Human Rights Convention and other international human rights accords, stated Scientology President Heber C. Jentzsch in Los Angeles.

The seven are accused of fraud. They are alleged to have demanded outrageous prices for "purification cures" and other services. The defense pled to suspend the process because essential evidence was missing. The written material, according to Justice Ministry statements, had been mistakenly destroyed after an initial process against the Scientologists had been suspended in 1995 because of administrative errors. The court rejected their application. Another process against Scientology members for fraud is to begin in Paris on September 29. Records for the proceedings are also missing there. How they disappeared is unexplained.

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