Star Wars and the Second Coming

James Flint 17.08.99 Telepolis, Verlag Heinz Heise, Hannover

The most complex puppet show in the world

Visit and search their archive for the original article in German. For L. Ron Hubbard's policy on press relations, visit Here are pertinent quotes in English of the Heise article on Star Wars and its relationship to Hubbard:

. . .

Bethlehem California Style

Yes, this is another article about Star Wars, and yes, I knew before I looked at the film that it was an attempt by the "masters of myth" to "rewrite history." What was really to come, though, first became clear to me in the monstrous scene in which Anakin's mother explained that her son was the result of a virgin birth. Suddenly the mud and stone huts in Tatooine took on a different aspect . . .

Christianity and Taoism, Technology and Mysticism - perhaps it is no mistake that all of that sounds rather familiar. It comes to one in the sense in which it has already been heard, the archfraud and false prophet Ron L. Hubbard had written it on his Scientology banner.

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