Criticism of Germany

US Administration supports Scientology position

From: "Berlin Online"
March 1, 1999

by Peter de Thier

Washington, February 28. Not thirty-six hours after the execution of German national Karl LaGrand in Florence, Arizona, the US State Department criticized alleged human rights violations in the Federal Republic of Germany. It mentioned more than twenty cases of what it alleged to be transgressions against freedom of belief. Of course, the criticism hinges in the dealings with the controversial Scientology sect. The report is openly colored by the massive and generously financed Scientology lobby, which takes a particularly sharp tone towards Bonn every year. From the perspective of sect management, the German administration does not only hinder their business on the lucrative European market. The negative mood also washes over into other EU countries, particularly France. The State Department mentions, as an example, the problems Scientology adherents have of getting a job. However, the administration's study goes further than that, it also states that other religious minorities, such as Moslems, are intentionally disadvantaged.

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