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German wants to solve parking garage problems in American cities

Former chief of Krupp-Stahl building parking garage with elevator

New York, USA
February 5, 1999
Die Welt

by Michael Remke

New York - The former chief of Krupp-Stahl has big plans for the USA. 46-year-old Gerhard Haag wants to solve the parking problem in major American cities with a new, fully-automatic parking garage directed by a computer.

His first project is supposed to occur in Hoboken, New Jersey. Other parking structures for several hundred cars are supposed to be built in Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Portland, Oregon and New York. "Since the space in the cities is becoming more restricted, the garage building will offer a real alternative," stated Gerhard Haag, who is now in the planning stages of his project. "Not only does it offer more space in a smaller area, but it is also cheaper to build and cheaper for the future users." The first fully automatic garage in the USA is supposed to cost a total of 6.2 million dollars in Hoboken. The 55 foot high structure will offer parking places for 324 cars in six levels. The apex of the brick structure, which is supposed to go into operation in December, is a computer directed distribution of vehicles.

As Haag tells it, the driver no longer has to search for a suitable spot, like in normal parking garages, but only has to leave his car at one of the four "drop off points." Then he puts a type of check card into a slot, which puts a hydraulic lift in motion to put the car in a vacant place in one of the six levels.

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