Travolta realizes SF material from Scientology Founder Hubbard

From: "ebiz"
January 14, 1999

Los Angeles - Two of John Travolta's long-term projects, "Battlefield Earth" and a biographical picture about Jimmy Roselli, are closer to being realized. The SF action story by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is now supposed to be produced by an independent firm for $70 million, and will be distributed by Warner. MGM, Fox and other studios passed because they could not budget the film for under $100 million. Now, Franchise Entertainment has been engaged and plans filming to begin in July under the direction of Roger Christian. Travolta will take the role of a leader of extraterrestrials who have subjugated earth's inhabitants. Elie Samah, Travolta's manager, Jonathan Krane, and Travolta will produce. In March, Travolta plans to play (and sing) Roselli, a singer competitor of Frank Sinatra, in "Standing Room Only." Gus Van Sant is to stage the production for Disney. Krane, Beverly Cahme and Van Sant will produce when the deal is finalized. Both scripts are written by Corey Mandel.

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