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Husband from Texas forces own children into ritualistic abuse

August 29, 2003

Parents from Texas, who, as supposed, turned out to be disciples of a self-declared prophet, have been charged with sexual abuse toward children, their own included.

Michael and Juliette Labrecque were arrested last week in the state of Iowa. At the present time they are being detained in prison without bail and are expected to be extradited to Sacramento, where a federal jury heard testimony from witnesses in the case.

The Labrecque case, in which they practiced frequent repeated ritualistic sexual actions with children, was closely associated with the case of Allen Harrod, the spiritual leader of a cult that has its own interpretation of the Mormon doctrine.

Harrod's theory legitimizes and recommends sexual rituals for certain ages and genders. Harrod was also arrested, and he'll be facing 27 charges involving sexual molestation. His case is set to be heard in court September 8. At the present time he is being examined by psychiatric experts who are supposed to determine his level of competency.

Harrod's wife is also faced with five charges in taking part in the sexual cult rituals. The lawyer for the Harrod family stated that clients are innocent.

According to information from the investigation, Michael Labrecque and Allen Harrod got acquainted with each more than ten years ago, when they both worked for a brief time on Mather Air Force Base. The men became friends and Labrecque was a regular adept of the belief practiced by Harrod. The investigation had established that both of these families molested nearly all of the 22 children who lived there.

The four adults took new Biblical names for themselves. The Labrecques became Joseph and Mary, and the Harrods Isaac and Rebekah. The Labrecque couple had four daughters and a son. The father first committed sex acts wtih the daughters "by commandment" when each of them turned 7 years old. The inquiry also talked about rituals, including assault on the children, homosexual relations and oral contact, when the daughters reached puberty. Labrecque also sent his daughters to Harrod for these purposes.

The investigation began in September 2001, when an adult daughter of Allen Harrod reported to the police that she had been raped by her parents over the course of ten years. She said they did the same thing to her brothers. The Harrod couple were arrested.

Harrod's son said that when he was 7 years old and lived with Labrecque, his own mother and Juliette would regularly rape him, and Michael Labrecque beat him with a belt. The boy also had all of his fingers broken. This was reported by the Sacramento Bee.

Source: Die Rheinpfalz of 8-27-03

US clergyman charged for exorcism of demons - autistic boy suffocated during ceremony

After a hair-raising exorcism ceremony an Apostolic clergyman from the USA must answer for the death of an 8-year-old boy. The behaviorally disturbed boy died as he was supposedly being forcefully liberated from evil spirits, as reported by the state attorney in the northern state of Wisconsin. The clergyman, who according to reports has no theological training but was ordained to pastor of the sect by his own brother, faces up to ten years confinement.

The approximately 156-pound, 45-year-old preacher of a Protestant sect first kneeled upon the recalcitrant boy, then lied down upon him while he recited prayers for exorcism of demons. After the end of the ceremony the mother, who was present, saw that the boy was no longer breathing. According to the forensic physician the autistic boy suffocated from the pressure the preacher put on him.

afp, August 27, 2003