This is the story of Ursula Caberta. In August of 2000, Hamburg Scientology commissioner Ursula Caberta went to Florida to visit the Lisa McPherson Trust. For some reason, she ended up being questioned by Scientology attorneys, where she admitted to having accepted money from Robert Minton. That was all Scientology wanted and needed.


Deluded Scientologists mob Ursula Caberta in Florida

Chase scene on video

Hate the cult tracker

Clearwater, USA
August 23, 2000
Hamburger Morgenpost

A Hamburg Scientology chief had warned Ursula Caberta against flying to Florida because, she said, it would be unpleasant for her. But the director of the "Work group on Scientology" flew there anyway - and will not quickly forget her trip to the home of the monster cult.

About 30 Scientology disciples were waiting at the Tampa, Florida airport for the visitor from Hamburg. Ursula Caberta was wildly mobbed, heckled and spat at. The wild chase scene in the Sunshine State is shown on a video sent to MOPO [this newspaper] by U.S. Scientology opponents. [The video is also on the net:]

Caberta, who had traveled to the USA at the invitation of the Lisa McPherson Trust, which helps Scientology victims, had to listen to malicious insults. Scientologists screamed over and over at the top of their voices, "Nazi go home!" and "Nazi criminal, go back to Germany!" German Scientologists were also in the "Welcoming Committee." One German woman shorted, "You are a killer, you are. You're killing people in Germany!"

When the staff member of the Hamburg Interior Agency picked up her baggage after the first three minutes of the vicious tirade, leaving the cult mob behind, they broke out in howls and laughter. One woman called, "Hey that was great, we really got her. That'll show her!"

The courageous combatant also reported that she was hounded and insulted by Scientologists in restaurants and in her hotel. Over and over - as can also be seen from the videos - Scientologists appeared with posters. The cult adherents had written "Nazi go Home" and "Take fascism back to Germany!"

Caberta ended up leaving Florida one daily earlier than planned. "It was getting too hot for me there. I was happy to get back to Germany," she said. What had been especially surprising about the type of treatment she had received, said Caberta, was that the German Scientologists always claim they are being hounded here. Caberta, "But no Scientologist in Germany has ever been treated like I was in the USA."

Mike Rinder, one of the top Scientologists in Clearwater, Florida, even repeated the accusations on local TV, that Caberta was a Nazi and had fascistic ideology.

The sect commissioner would really have like to have laughed about this "insanity," "but the matter is much too serious for that!"


Horror trip to Florida

Clearwater, USA
August 7, 2000

Ursula Caberta, Director of the Work Group on Scientology in the Hamburg Interior Agency, had to leave the USA in a hurry. Caberta had wanted to spend a one-week vacation in Florida during which time she met with Scientology opponents Stacy Brooks and Bob Minton and took part in a press conference on the practices of the psycho-concern. Then she unexpectedly left the country one day earlier than planned. The journey to the Sunshine State had turned out to be a horror trip: Caberta had no sooner landed at the airport in Tampa than she was received by Scientologists screaming "Nazi go home"; she was subsequently followed at every turn. Then German software businessman Hubert Heller, who lives in the USA, sued Caberta for 75,000 dollars in damages. Allegedly a major contract from German company POS Partner Gmbh had slipped through his fingers after the company had presented him with a so-called "sect filter" - a "security statement" (Caberta) in which the signer asserts that he does not operate according to the "technology" of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The German consul general in Florida urged that she leave: Caberta had had a summons to a deposition by Scientology attorneys shoved under her hotel room door. It said she would have to sit through a five-hour hearing in the business's center in Clearwater.

It had to do with the case of Lisa McPherson, who died under unexplained circumstances in the USA, to which Caberta said she could not make a statement. She left the country in secret "before anything worse happened." Caberta lost her belief in the American legal system. She had never experienced anything like that before. "One hears about that only in dictatorships."

In related news ...

From: Bob Minton
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.scientology
Subject: Al Buttnor "on the cans" - Buttnor-on-cans.jpg (0/1)
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 10:57:42 -0400
Message-ID: <>

When Ursula Caberta arrived in Tampa 10 days or so ago, OSA's Al Buttnor was running the airport operation. This is a picture of him running said operation from the "Office of Special Affairs."

Bob Minton

A vacation to Florida turns into a horror trip for a Scientology critic

"Nazi go home", shout Scientologists

Clearwater, USA
August 11, 2000
Tagesanzeiger Zurich

by Hugo Stamm

Ursula Caberta, Director of the Hamburg Agencies' Work Group on Scientology, did not believe her eyes and ears when she arrived at the airport in Tampa, Florida. About 50 Scientologists were shouting "Nazi go home" at her, as proved by video tape recordings. The Hubbard adherents were also holding up signs in the air which said the same thing. "How the Scientologists learned of my arrival in Florida is a mystery to me." Florida is the location of an international Scientology headquarters.

The psycho-terrorism continued at her hotel. "They followed every move I made," said Caberta of the Hamburg SPD administration, who is involved with Scientology as a result of her office. Nevertheless she still met with American Scientology critics. The Scientologists' attorneys took their revenge with an operation of a curious kind. They shoved a court summons under her hotel door. The attorneys had managed to motivate a judge to order an immediate deposition. "It was a five-hour hearing like the Stasi used to have," stated Caberta. A German Scientology attorney had traveled from Munich for the occasion.

Lawsuit for Damages

The operation was rounded out with a lawsuit for damages from a Scientology-affiliated businessman who demanded 75,000 dollars. The businessman claimed Caberta ruined a major contract for him with her information work. "It has become painfully clear to me why the Scientologists are able to operate unhindered in the USA," said Caberta, "They can take care of any critic they want by using these court and legal proceedings."

The German Consul General urged Caberta to depart ahead of schedule because he was concerned about further actions from the Scientologists. Caberta didn't have to think it over long: "Unbelievable what they can do in the USA with tourists," she said. "And of all countries, this is the one which regularly accuses Germany of violating human rights because we dare to talk about Scientologists." She lost her faith in the American legal system.

Juerg Stettler, spokesman from Scientology, defended Scientology's action by saying that Caberta held a press conference and wanted to organize a demonstration in front of the Scientology buildings. He said that Caberta had provoked the reaction, the more so since various Scientologists had taken refuge from her in the USA. Those people, he said, were allergic to Caberta and would consider her now becoming active there as impudence.

Hamburg, Germany
September 14, 2000


      From: kontakt at
Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology, 
   Subject: FWD:Korruptionsskandal in Hamburg
      Date: 14 Sep 2000 
Message-ID: <>

From a special edition of "Freiheit" available at

Scientology Church files criminal complaints against Ursula Caberta and Bob Minton

for Soliciting and Accepting Favors*, Bribery and Money-Laundering


Hamburg. This morning the Scientology Church filed criminal complaints at the Hamburg State Attorney's Office against Ursula Caberta for suspicion of taking favors, accepting a bribe and money-laundering, as well as Robert Minton for suspicion of soliciting favors and bribery.

In the past weeks, Ursula Caberta, the Director of the Work Group on Scientology, a tenant of the Hamburg Interior Agency, has repeatedly complained in public that, on the occasion of her visit to Florida, she had bad experiences with U.S. Justice and "had lost her belief in the constitutionality in the USA." She said the German Consul in Miami stated that he could no longer guarantee her safety and that she had left the country prematurely. As Caberta put it, it was inconceivable how one treated tourists in the USA.

That was not even half of the truth. Caberta had traveled to the USA to demonstrate, with a sign in her hand, before the Scientology Center in Clearwater, Florida, and to speak as the star guest of a press conference staged by Minton. A U.S. Civil Court judge ordered that she be deposed in the scope of a civil trial. Although Caberta wanted to use all means available to prevent the hearing and persistently avoided the questions, she finally had to meekly admit: Yes, I have accepted private money from Bob Minton, he gave be a loan.

Caberta's deposition was broken off after a good five hours and was supposed to have continued the following Friday. Caberta preferred to leave the USA prematurely, thereby escaping further testimony through flight. This left speculation as to what else she might have had to hide.

The connection between Caberta and Minton is not at all of a private nature. To almost all questions about details of this connection, Caberta refused to answer with the reason that it had to do with official matters and that she was not in possession of a permit to make a statement.

In view of the close official connection between Caberta and Minton, the Scientology Church sees a connection between money being used and official business. Therefore, criminal complaints were placed against Caberta for suspicion of accepting favors/a bribe, and against Minton for suspicion of offering favors and bribery. Because Minton did not obtain his fortune in an honorable fashion, further complaints were placed against Caberta for suspicion of frivolous money-laundering.

The process of the U.S. Justice agencies against Caberta presumably holds water. Basically Caberta was only upset that politicians and government office-holders in the USA are not treated with kid gloves like they are here at home. It would be highly desirable for the German court to diligently apply the appropriate laws without regard for the person when it comes to discovering corruption and misuse of office in our state presence. Therefore Caberta was entirely correct when she asserted, "In Germany this would not have been possible."

For more information:
Sabine Weber/Georg Stoffel, [telephone number given, see]

FREIHEIT - Special Edition

Published by the Scientology Church
Note: This is not an official translation

Munich, Germany
The original German text was downloaded on
September 14, 2000

Latest news: March 27, 2001
Bob Minton won a court case against Scientology.
Scientology presented false information about Bob Minton.
Compare this page with a previous article on Nigeria and you can see the difference.

Corruption Scandal in Hamburg's Interior Agency

Ursula Caberta under oath in U.S. Court

Yes, I have taken private money

From Bob Minton

[image of Bob Minton and Ursula Caberta with bottom 1/3 of picket sign]
sub-text: In short sleeves with money falling out of his pockets: Bob Minton (left, loan provider) and the Department Director of the Hamburg Interior Agency Caberta (middle, loan debtor) in Florida.

Ursula Caberta, Director of the Work Group on Scientology, a tenant of the Interior Agency, who had traveled to the USA, tried everything to stop her deposition in a U.S. court. Mighty curious, the summons which had been served upon her came right back to the process server as a paper projectile.

None of her tricks helped her. To avoid a warrant for her arrest, Caberta finally appeared before the Tampa District Court in Florida, accompanied by two lawyers.

[image of Bob Minton and Ursula Caberta sitting at table facing audience]
sub-text: Bob Minton as guest of honor of the Interior Agency in Hamburg in early April of 2000. His deals with the former military dictator in Nigeria had been uncovered shortly before. The Interior Agency was aware of that.

The court had previously ordered her deposed in an oral hearing and had dismissed as unfounded objections which had been brought forward.

Caberta's lawyers tried loquaciousness at the last minute to prevent the hearing. They said their client was a completely normal tourist from Germany and demanded to be treated as such.

But the more they railed against the deposition, the more grew the visible mistrust in Judge Moody. He decided quickly and conclusively that the deposition would take place. Caberta was sworn in, her statements were taken down on video and on tape, was well as word for word by a stenographer. Therefore there was no question as to the documentation of her statements.

The big bang went off in the middle of the deposition: to the question of whether she had obtained money from the U.S. American Bob Minton, with whom she was in official contact in her capacity as an employee of the City of Hamburg, Ursula Caberta was caught short. First she tried to deviate persistently. Finally there was nothing left for her to do but to answer the question, "Bob Minton gave me a loan." No written loan contract existed and Bob Minton had nothing in his hands in writing which would put him in the position to get his money back from her again. She had not informed her employer about this. She said that was her personal business and therefore did not concern her employer at all. To the question of the amount of the load, she persistently refused to answer despite being asked multiple times.

Therefore it has been determined: Ursula Caberta has accepted "private" money from Bob Minton.

[image of a portion of a hotel advertisement showing a picture of a hotel and the words "Tour the Belleview Biltmore and take your..."]
sub-text: Only the finest: Agency representative Caberta resided in luxurious lodged known across America. Minton paid.

From her refusal to answer the question about the amount of the loan, it is not difficult to guess that it must have been a stately sum. But who takes out such a loan without a written loan agreement and with security, and probably without interest? Businessman Minton, who has done business in all types of places, would have in all probability verified the loan in writing if he would have had the intention of ever demanding it back.

The false declaration of a loan would always have the "advantage" of not having gift tax in the amount of approximately 17% levied. If the payment would have been a compensation for services of any sort at all, even though disloyal, it would have to have been reported for income tax.

One way or another: a loan is essentially an even more perfidious instrument of bribery than is a "generous" gift. The provider of the loan always has the official or employee right where he wants them, under control. With any display of a lack of well-being by the state service, the loan can been called in at any time - quite naturally, if no written agreement about the duration of the loan exists. The official cannot conduct a refund process since the fact of bribery would be apparent to the court.

Therefore the provider of the loan has the official in the palm of his hand and can have him dance to his own tune at his leisure.

And Bob Minton did just that, too.

First, however, he let himself be spoiled by Caberta after he had been received officially as a state guest of the Hamburg Interior Senate in early April. In Leipzig he was solemnly bestowed an "Alternative Charlemagne Award" in early June (FREIHEIT reported) because Minton - according to the Award Committee - was more deserving of such an award than U.S. President Clinton. He had just received the real Charlemagne Award of the City of Aachen.

Caberta gave the award winner the Laudatio personally, and she appeared in all the literature of the Award Committee with full official title. It's just not clear whether the granting of the surreptitious loan took place before or after the "Leipzig goings-on," i.e., whether the bestowal of the award influenced the "private" loan or vice versa. Either one would be equally obscene.

The Human Rights Award-Money Connection surely involved obligations - for Ursula Caberta, anyway. Namely, Bob Minton was in a jam while the home-made award was being presented. He had invested over one million dollars in the so-called "Lisa McPherson Trust," which, in turn, used this money to finance a profit-bearing compensation procedure. If this procedure were to miscarry, then Minton's million dollar investment would be down the drain. And things are not going well with this procedure (see box to the right). What better for Minton than for him and the government representative from Hamburg, Caberta, to carry out some "flanking public information work" in the jurisdiction of the U.S. court. Bob Minton called - and Caberta came. As a "tourist" demonstrator in the USA, she did not stray any more from the side of her sponsor.

In spite of the alleged private character of her trip to the USA, she invoked the right associated with her office to not answer questions related to Scientology in the court hearing. She also left the question of which information she had forwarded to Minton unanswered, since that was a part of her official business. The only thing recognizably private about Caberta's trip to Florida was the circumstance in which she let Minton pay for her luxury hotel.

Before Caberta's USA trip, Hamburg's Interior Senator Wrocklage was clearly instructed about the circumstances in matters of Minton in several attorney letters. He was made aware of the original text of the criminal complaint filed against Bob Minton on June 23, 2000 by the Republic of Nigeria with the State Attorney General in Geneva. According to the text of this complaint, Bob Minton was said to have caused Nigeria damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars through fraud, falsification of documents and money-laundering. Nigeria also demanded that Minton's foreign accounts in Switzerland be frozen. Wrocklage was very clearly reminded that it is intolerable when an Interior Agency maintains connection to someone who has been incriminated in the most severe white-collar crimes by a foreign state and several foreign media. All the same, Wrocklage saw no need to handle.

In doing that, he has taken personal responsibility for what he is answering to today. The impression was and is being given that official business is influenced in an unfair way by the payment of money and the appearance that official deals are for sale. Caberta, described by the media as "Scientology Opponent Nr. 1," has accepted money from Bob Minton. That is indisputable. She, who is supposed to exercise "unbiased discretion," thereby is practically on the payroll of one of the two parties.

More than that, though, is the question of what moral scruples a leading staff member of the Interior Agency must have in order to take money which, according to the government of a foreign state, has come from a criminal hand.

[image of Jesse Prince and Ursula Caberta seated at a table. Empty glasses are visible.
sub-text: His hand on her shoulder tells the photo story on the internet: Jesse Prince and Ursula Caberta in Leipzig in early June 2000.
then there's an inset image, a mug shot of Jesse Prince accompanied by "Pinellas County Sheriff's Office" and a star with personal info on a booking record
sub-text: August 11, 2000: Jesse Prince mug shot at a police station]

It's certain that this is a case for the state attorney. Therefore, a criminal complaint has been filed against Minton and Caberta at the Hamburg State Attorney's Office for bribery, soliciting favors and money-laundering.

The Scientology Church demands immediate public explanation of the following items:

  1. How high was the loan given to Caberta by Minton?
  2. When and where was it paid?
  3. In which form or under which accompanying circumstances was it paid?
  4. What securities did the loan giver receive?
  5. When is the loan supposed to be paid back?
  6. Was the loan made with interest?
  7. Why was no written agreement made?
  8. For which purpose was the loan made?
  9. In which agencies decisions has Caberta had an effect since she received the loan?
  10. Have staff of the Interior Agency been instructed to report bequests of money of this type to the agency chief?
  11. Have payments of any other sort been made to other staff of the Work Group on Scientology?
  12. Is Interior Senator Wrocklage aware of the payment of money to Ursula Caberta?

Obviously Caberta must be relieved of all duties, effective immediately, as Director of the Work Group on Scientology, until the criminal complaints have been cleared up. It would be simply unbearable if, out of inner party loyalty or for some such reason or another, crass accusations of corruption were to become the daily routine.


Accusations of corruption against Caberta

Scientology files complaint against the sect opponent

Hamburg, Germany
September 19, 2000
Hamburger Abendblatt

Serious accusation against Ursula Caberta: the Director of the Work Group on Scientology of the Interior Agency, according to statements by the sect, has accepted private money from American businessman and Scientology opponent Bob Minton. The Scientology organization has, as a result, filed a criminal complaints at the Hamburg State Attorney's Office for suspicion of accepting favors and bribes, et al.

Caberta did not want to make a statement on the subject herself. She gave the matter over to the Department of Internal Affairs for investigation, she told the "Abendblatt," and would not say anything until the investigation was closed. The Scientologists also filed a complaint against Minton for suspicion of soliciting for favors and offering a bribe.

The story behind the incident occurred in Caberta's trip, at the end of July, to Clearwater, Florida, where Scientology has one of its headquarters. Caberta stated that she went on the trip during her vacation at Minton's invitation. She paid the ticket herself and Minton paid the hotel bill.

The purpose of the trip to the USA was to report on her anti-Scientology work in Germany and to support Minton in his fight against the organization. But that was not all that happened. Caberta, completely unexpected for her, had to subject herself to a court-ordered five-hour interrogation by three Scientology attorneys. A non-disclosure agreement was made as to the content of the hearing.

Now Scientology has published an alleged excerpt from it. "Bob Minton have me a loan," Caberta allegedly conceded. The Scientologists demonstrated yesterday with about 80 people in front of the Interior Agency and demanded "frank explanation of the accusations of corruption against Caberta."


Caberta fined

From Hamburger Abendblatt of June 27, 2002, Hamburg, Germany

The legal proceedings that have been in process against Scientology tracker Ursula Caberta since September 2000 for corruption and accepting favors are over for the time being. For accepting favors she was fined 7,500 Euro by the Hamburg Office Court, payable monthly in the amount of 1,250 Euro.

Caberta had been accused by the Scientology organization of receiving 75,000 dollars from US businessman Bob Minton. She herself described the sum as a private loan, but the Scientologists saw it as bribery and accepting favors, because Caberta dealt with Minton professionally and could no longer be impartial towards him.

The decision for a fine is apparently a settlement between prosecution and defense. According to information received by the Abendblatt, the state attorney had originally filed for criminal charges, but did not want to pass up the fine. In the case at hand Caberta will not be regarded as a convicted criminal.

Legally the criminal proceedings will be seen as "provisionally suspended." Court spokesperson Sabine Anette Westphalen said, "If Mrs. Caberta accepts the fine, the proceedings will be difinitively over."