Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman going their separate ways

Dream pair broken up by careers

Hollywood, USA
February 6, 2001

Hollywood has one dream couple less: after more than ten years of marriage US film stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman let it be known on Monday that they were separated. It was said that their careers are simply no longer compatible with life together, explained their PR agent Pat Kingsley in Los Angeles. Therefore, she said, it was for the best that both of them separate but still be friends.

But two years ago Kidman said in an interview that she absolutely could conceive of staying with Cruise forever: "I see myself as an old woman and him as an old man, and we are married." The actress is 33 years old, five years younger than Cruise.

The two stars became acquainted with each other in 1990 in filming the "Days of Thunder" [not sure of English movie titles]. They married shortly thereafter and adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. Cruise appeared successfully in movies like "Rain Main," "The Company," "Mission Impossible," "Jerry Maguire - Game of Life" and "Magnolia." Kidman played in "Batman Forever," "Malice," and "To Die For." They stood together for the camera in "In a distant Country" and last in "Eyes Wide Shut" by Stanley Kubrick.

The 38-year-old Cruise made appearances for a time as a celebrity supporter for the Scientology organization. For that reason, opponents of the group tried with little success to organize a boycott of his movie in Germany.


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