Stille Nacht      Silent Night
         heilige Nacht      Holy Night
         alles schläft      everybody's sleeping
         einsam wacht...    watched over by...
           ... ARS-CC Vienna and staff.
Greetings, Howdy and a Merry R6-Implant to all departments
(listing them would take too long) of ARS-CC Vienna and to
those of a pure heart and a well-practiced reactive mind.
Also there are currently many ARS-CC field staff still
underway - including in unexpected places.
You guys take care out there!
Besides that a heart-felt Christmas greeting to all other
ARS-CC staff on this and other planets!
ARS-CC Vienna (WDNE), R6 Implant Promo I/C
And now for a little R6-implant chorus led by the unofficial
ARSCC capella meister (wdne) Tilman Kringle

        Later on
        we'll conspire
        as we dream by the fire
        To face unafraid
        the plans that we've made
        walking in a winter wonderland

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