Asylum hearings

Officially opened in the USA

for "Satan's Killer"

Batavia, New York
November 3, 2000

Batavia (dpa) - After weeks of preparation, the asylum court proceedings have begun in the USA for Hendrik Moebus, rightwing extremist and "Satan's Killer" from Thueringen. The first hearing took place on Thursday, as verified by an INS spokesman (Immigration and Naturalization Service). The 24-year-old man from Sondershauser will not be extradited to Germany, where he faces up to three years in prison, until the hearings are finalized.

Moebus is in custody at an INS detention center in Batavia, New York. In early September he applied for political asylum in the USA. As a basis he stated that the Federal Republic of Germany would stop his freedom of opinion. One example he gave was that the Hitler salute is not forbidden in the USA. Moebus was taken into custody in August in a West Virginia racist refuge after months of evading authorities. He made his living partly by selling radical, rightwing CDs.

Seven years ago in high school he and two friends murdered a 15-year-old female fellow student who had made fun of his group, "Children of Satan." Moebus was sentenced to eight years youth detention and released on probation after two-thirds of his term. Shortly thereafter he attracted attention by distributing rightwing propaganda. He took advantage of the long legal procedure to retract probation to visit the USA. He has two years eight months remaining, just for the murder.

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