[In her book "It takes a Village" Hillary Clinton argued against all known scientific findings on IQ in favor of Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence (EI). Specifically, she made a point of mentioning the part of EI which is remarkably similar to Scientology's Dianetic theory. That is the part which preaches that there is a little almond-shaped part of our brain, called the "amygdala" which hijacks us in moments of embarrassment without our knowing it and makes us do strange things. As an example that EI actually works, Clinton referred to the free prison help she got in the kitchen when her husband was governor of Arkansas.]

U.S. Senate Campaign

Sharp exchange of words between Hillary Clinton and Lazio

New York, USA
October 28, 2000
Spiegel Online

The last TV duel between New York Senate candidates Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio was the most rigorous. The Republican accused the First Lady of having accepted money from an association connected to the Hamas Islamic terrorist organization.

New York - Rick Lazio, who wants to cut the wife of U.S. President Bill Clinton out of the Senate election on November 7, said in the television debate that campaign donations had gone from an Arabic-American organization to the First Lady. The association was suspected of maintaining contacts to Hamas. Clinton answered she had known nothing about the connections and had since given the money back anyway.

The discussion proceeded in a similarly sharp tone for the cameras. Lazio found himself accused of accepting campaign money from the construction industry in return for less stringent security standards in building construction in New York state. He would not let himself be dragged through the mud by Hillary Clinton, the politician responded.

The moderator tried to even the scales and asked whether the two opponents would also have something nice to say about each other. Hillary gave her approval by saying that Lazio looked nice, had a nice family, worked very hard and was a very attractive man. The Republican got his revenge by saying that Hillary had a nice family, was a good mother and an attractive woman.

According to surveys before the debate, Clinton the woman democrat was ahead in the polls five to seven percent in front of the Republican congressional representative from Long Island. The campaign battle in New York is one of the most expensive in the history of the U.S. Senate. Clinton has expended 26 million dollars and Lazio even more, 32.6 million dollars, to move into Congress.

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