Farrakhan demands justice for Palestinians

Washington, USA
October 16, 2000

Washington - Controversial leader of blacks Louis Farrakhan demanded more justice for Palestinians at a mass rally in Washington. The destruction of sacred sites in Israel was insanity which could be traced to a lack of justice, said the chief of the "Nation of Islam," the best known Black Muslim organization in the USA, on Monday in front of thousands of adherents in Washington. "There can be no peace in that troubled area that is a lasting peace unless that peace is structured on the principle of justice -- justice for the Palestinians, justice for those who suffer in the world, justice for the poor and the weak, justice for the sick and the imprisoned, justice for those who have been locked out of society." The Million Family March was organized by Farrakhan and the South Korean sect leader Sun Myung Moon. It derives from the Million Man March, which almost half million people attended in Washington five years ago. Moslems as well as Buddhists and Catholics and Protestant Christians traveled to the demonstration. The focus of the gathering was the strengthening of family and morals. A mass marriage in the style of sect leader Moon was planned for the afternoon. "This is a memorable day," said a woman from Philadelphia who participated in the rally with her nine grandchildren. She said slavery had destroyed the black families. "Today it is our goal to put them back together again." Farrakhan is controversial for his anti-Semitic statements, among other things.


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