USA renews concern about anti-Scientology "sect filter"

Washington, USA
September 5, 2000

Washington (dpa) - The USA renewed its criticism of the use of "sect filters" against the mentality of Scientology adherents in Germany. That was said to be a violation of their rights, stressed the U.S. State Department on Tuesday in its annual report on religious freedom in the world. "Sect filter" is used to describe statements in which job applicants must verify that they are not members of Scientology or of similar organizations.

The State Department emphasized that the treatment of Scientologists was the subject of much discussion in the German government. Scientology is under observation by Constitutional Security in Germany for suspicion of totalitarian endeavors.

34 countries were listed in the report for obstructing religious freedom. The nations of Burma, China, Iran, Iraq and Sudan, in particular, continued to cause concern because of persecution of religious minorities.

China was strongly criticized for its action against members of the Falun Gong movement and Tibetan Buddhists. The "report for religious freedoms had worsened considerably" there. Fault was also found with activities in the partial Yugoslavian republic of Serbia and in the area of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban militia, neither of which were acknowledged as "states." dpa hw xx rb

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