Deluded Scientologists mob Ursula Caberta in Florida

Chase scene on video

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Clearwater, USA
August 23, 2000
Hamburger Morgenpost

A Hamburg Scientology chief had warned Ursula Caberta against flying to Florida because, she said, it would be unpleasant for her. But the director of the "Work group on Scientology" flew there anyway - and will not quickly forget her trip to the home of the monster cult.

About 30 Scientology disciples were waiting at the Tampa, Florida airport for the visitor from Hamburg. Ursula Caberta was wildly mobbed, heckled and spat at. The wild chase scene in the Sunshine State is shown on a video sent to MOPO [this newspaper] by U.S. Scientology opponents. [The video is also on the net:]

Caberta, who had traveled to the USA at the invitation of the Lisa McPherson Trust, which helps Scientology victims, had to listen to malicious insults. Scientologists screamed over and over at the top of their voices, "Nazi go home!" and "Nazi criminal, go back to Germany!" German Scientologists were also in the "Welcoming Committee." One German woman shorted, "You are a killer, you are. You're killing people in Germany!"

When the staff member of the Hamburg Interior Agency picked up her baggage after the first three minutes of the vicious tirade, leaving the cult mob behind, they broke out in howls and laughter. One woman called, "Hey that was great, we really got her. That'll show her!"

The courageous combatant also reported that she was hounded and insulted by Scientologists in restaurants and in her hotel. Over and over - as can also be seen from the videos - Scientologists appeared with posters. The cult adherents had written "Nazi go Home" and "Take fascism back to Germany!"

Caberta ended up leaving Florida one daily earlier than planned. "It was getting too hot for me there. I was happy to get back to Germany," she said. What had been especially surprising about the type of treatment she had received, said Caberta, was that the German Scientologists always claim they are being hounded here. Caberta, "But no Scientologist in Germany has ever been treated like I was in the USA."

Mike Rinder, one of the top Scientologists in Clearwater, Florida, even repeated the accusations on local TV, that Caberta was a Nazi and had fascistic ideology.

The sect commissioner would really have like to have laughed about this "insanity," "but the matter is much too serious for that!"


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From: Bob Minton
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Subject: Al Buttnor "on the cans" - Buttnor-on-cans.jpg (0/1)
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 10:57:42 -0400
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When Ursula Caberta arrived in Tampa 10 days or so ago, OSA's Al Buttnor was running the airport operation. This is a picture of him running said operation from the "Office of Special Affairs."

Bob Minton

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