Daughter for John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Los Angeles, USA
April 4, 2000
AFP Agence France-Presse GmbH 2000

U.S. husband-wife acting couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston had a daughter on Monday. The four kilogram, 80 gram daughter, who came into the world in a Los Angeles hospital, is to be called Ella Bleu. Mother and child, according to statements by a spokesman for the family, are doing well. The couple already has an eight-year-old boy. Travolta is presently to be seen on the silver screen in the film "Battlefield Earth" ("Schlachtfeld Erde"). The film script is based upon a novel by the founder of the Scientology movement, Ron Hubbard. The Hollywood star, who celebrated his first world hit in the late 1970s with "Saturday Night Fever," is himself an adherent of the organization.

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