Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie, wants to marry in Scientology

Her future husband, rock star John Oszajca, plans a "quick course" in the controversial sect

New York, New York
March 28, 2000

by Michael Remke

Lisa Marie next to rocker John Oszajca. Their marriage is planned for August. Photo: Bulls Press

SAD New York - Elvis Presley would probably turn over in his grave. His daughter Lisa Marie, who has been a Scientology adherent for years, appears to have finally given way completely to the controversial sect. As the American tabloid "Star" wrote in its latest edition, the 32-year-old now even wants to marry in the self-proclaimed church.

She obviously could not just convince him of Scientology's teachings. The renowned rocker will even subject himself to a "quick course."

According to the newspaper report, the marriage planned in August is supposed to occur in Clearwater, Florida, one of Scientology's headquarters in the USA besides Los Angeles. The locale has been making headlines in the past few years because of alleged abuse of apostate members by the sect. One woman, who had wanted to free herself from the clutches of the organization founded by Ron Hubbard but was re-captured, passed away in a mysterious manner after receiving "Scientology treatment." A court is currently reviewing whether charges will be filed against the sect.

Lisa Marie Presley, who also has been living in Clearwater for years and who is said to have made a million dollars for Scientology, seems not to be affected by such events. On the contrary. As the "Star" wrote, she hopes that her third marriage will last forever through the blessings of Scientology.

Elvis' daughter, who has two children, was previously married to musician Danny Keough and superstar Michael Jackson. It is said that Keough has been chosen to lead his ex-wife to her groom in their marriage.

The guest list, which is said to include 110 names, lacks that of Michael Jackson. A friend of Lisa Marie's said, "The two hate each other."

As a "source from Presley's most intimate circles" told the "Star," 25-year-old John Oszajca first had to be convinced of the idea. "But Lisa Marie is now enthused that he wants to accept the teachings of Scientology." He, reportedly, even said he was prepared to take a course (in Scientology that is called auditing and is described by critics as a kind of brainwashing) in order to prepare himself for the wedding. A Scientology disciple will then be at the pair's disposal 24 hours a day until the ceremony.

The sect has not yet made mention of Lisa Marie Presley's wedding plans. Even her mother, Priscilla, who is said to be thrilled with her future son-in-law, has been silent about plans. According to "Star," she is busy finding a suitable wedding dress for her daughter - one which nobody is supposed to see until the big day.

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