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This page includes historical articles from 1996 to 1997.
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GermanyNo Surveillance Needed (1k)
January 12, 1996
Call for a Ban (2k)
January 15, 1996
Personality Test Prohibited (1k)
In Professional Environment
January 25, 1996
Narconon Closed (2k)
August 15, 1996
Switzerland "A Right To Truth" (4k)
(OSA attempted to smear a journalist.)
March 15, 1997
Scientology lures unemployed (5k)
October 1, 1997
Controversial Sect Specialist (12k)
February 4, 1997
AustriaIs Scientology a Recognized Religion in Austria? (12k)
estimated 1997
InformationRobots Stifle the Discussion (3k)
June 20, 1996
A new form of political extremism (8k)
August 16, 1996
A Sham Among Us (8k)
Separation of Church and State in Germany
August 23, 1996
Has Religious Freedom Ended for Scientology? (12k)
Podium Discussion
German-American Rights Meeting in Mainz
May14, 1997
Children Tanya's Story (17k)
April 21, 1997
Beckstein: "Scientology is a system of organized child exploitation" (4k)
September 9, 1997
International Catholics Taking over Scientology? (14k)
August 13, 1997
Scientology embroiled in Controversy all across Europe (5k)
January 30, 1997
UndercoverThe Painter and the Sect
Gottfried Helnwein (17k)
June 10, 1997
Helnwein Colors Beautifully
Several related articles, including a real letter from Helnwein himself! (7k)
February 10, 1996

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