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This page includes historical articles from 1994 to 1995.
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PR AnticsScientology Sacrificial Lamb (4k)
October 12, 1994
GP Magazin on Scientology (5k)
November 1994
Telephone Terrorism (16k)
SPIEGEL 1/1973
Scientologists lay Siege to Evangelical convention (3k)
October 19, 1995
Revenge of the Christ-child (1k)
December 15, 1995
Business or Relgion?Turning a Profit (2k)
March 3, 1995
Spying For the Psycho-Sect (2k)
October 18, 1995
No Place for Scientologists (1k)
November 17, 1995
Anti-Infiltration MeasuresOsnabruck (1k)
November 9, 1995
Berlin (2k)
December 9, 1995
The NetherlandsUnexpected Visit from Scientology (2k)
Raid on XS4ALL
September 7, 1995
Scientology in Real Estate Sect Condo-monopoly: Renters mobilize (3k)
March 10, 1995
Sects, Cut-Rate Bargains, Speculators (7k)
March 10, 1995
Scientologists complain about bad business (4k)
June 7, 1995
Court to decide if banners must come down (4k)
July 3, 1995
Scientologists Lose (1k)
July 7, 1995
"Renters against Scientology" successful (3k)
July 18, 1995
The Verdict from Neukolln (5k)
Bodo Manegold
August 28, 1995
Hamburg Senate: No Chance for Scientology (1k)
August 30, 1995
From the Converters of Scientology (1k)
October 10, 1995
InformationThe Profit Sect (51k)
May 12, 1995
Some Scientology activity in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 1990 (3k)
August 12, 1995
Code Name: Snow White (28k)
RV Young's article in Der Spiegel
September 25, 1995
Freedom is Expensive (12k)
Scientology's move into Munich - GOLDEN OLDIE
September 9, 1972
Captured Scientology Documents (11k)
Scientology's Secret Undercover Work
April 24, 1986

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